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The superintendent of schools is the chief executive officer of the Board of Education and has charge of the administration of the schools under the direction of the Board of Education.  The job of the superintendent requires special knowledge, information, concepts, abilities and skills. The superintendent’s responsibilities apply in all areas of operation so the whole school system functions with balance and precision.


The superintendent keeps the Board of Education updated on instruction, budget, staff, student population, school plant and other district problems so members of the Board of Education may remain informed about school operation and problems. 

The superintendent also attends Board of Education meetings, prepares the agenda for all Board meetings, recommends consideration of new policies or changes to existing policies, evaluates school programs, recommends the hiring of personnel, reemployment, non-reemployment, termination, supervises the preparation and administration of the financial plan, recommends improvements and expansion of school facilities as needed, and informs the patrons and taxpayers of the district regarding school programs.

The associate superintendent serves the superintendent and works with all the departments, fulfilling many of the same duties required by the role of superintendent.



Kirt Hartzler

Dr. Kirt Hartzler
Superintendent / Biography
Senior Executive Administrative Assistant: Jamie Ward

Charlie Bushyhead
Charlie Bushyhead,
Associate Superintendent / Biography
Executive Administrative Assistant Melissa Parton


Sandi Calvin
Sandi Calvin
Assistant Superintendent / Biography

Executive Administrative Assistant Karen Howard