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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.

Board Report - November 13

Pictured are members of the Union Public Schools Board of Education, from left to right, President Heather McAdams, Superinte

Board Reports

Board Of Education Considers First Reading of Proposed Changes to Board Policy

The Board of Education on first reading Monday, November 13, considered various board policy revisions, which may be viewed here. The Board will consider final approval at its next meeting, Monday, December 11. (Revisions will be marked in red.)

Revisions include changes to in its discrimination policy, English Learners program, student records, parental involvement rights and more. The public may direct comments to

Board Approves Several Purchases

The Board of Education approved a request to purchase 500 student laptops and accessories from Trafera for $304,500 out of bond funds.

The Board also accepted the bid for a new HVAC control system at the Freshman Academy, awarding the contract to Harrison Energy Partners for $336,000. The current HVAC control system is very old and in some areas of the building it is not working properly, said Fred Isaacs, director of Construction Services. It is also considered a proprietary system owned by Siemens Automation Company. Programming, modifications, and repair work can be expensive. The new system is Facility Explorer, an open protocol modern digital control system with Johnson Controls Niagara. Union will possess the programming key and all licensing so future modifications will be less costly and attainable. The new system will also integrate well with any new equipment we furnish in the future, he said.

And finally, the Board approved the purchase of Manage Engine support and maintenance from Pawol Tafya for $127,032. The renewal of the maintenance and support for Manage Engine will provide the Technology Department many tools to help manage up to 15,000 computers, including the 1-to-1 laptops. Manage Engine provides many features and functionality that is desperately needed such as Windows updates, mobile device management and other configurations.