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Redhawks Selected As New Mascot For Union Public Schools


The votes are in . . . and the Union Redhawks, it is! Overwhelmingly, students voted in favor of redhawks as the choice for the district’s new mascot, with 80.7 percent of students in grades 6-12 voting decisively for the red-winged predator versus 19.3 percent for the bison mascot. When fourth and fifth grade student votes were included, the redhawks received 72.5 percent of the vote, and the bison 27.5 percent.

Union’s Board of Education on Monday voted unanimously to approve the new redhawks mascot, as recommended by students.

“We are thrilled that the votes came in so resoundingly in favor of the redhawks,” said Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler. “Part of the fun has been figuring out where we were going to land on a mascot, as we had more than 320 people make suggestions. Early on, there was a group of students who had put Redhawks forth as a possibility, and we began to see consensus building early for this name when we started looking at attributes. I believe Redhawks strongly positions Union for the future and is a mascot we can live with for many years to come. Thanks to the thousands of students and patrons who provided input as we went through what I believe was a thoughtful process.” 

Two frontrunners had emerged during the nomination process, with both redhawks and bison being suggested by a number of people. The Mascot Advisory Committee narrowed the choices down to these two finalists after an extensive public search for mascots that had attributes that most closely aligned with Union’s values. Voting took place among students in grades 4-12 from October 7 – 22, in schools throughout the district. (See the official voting results below). 

“Next comes the really fun part as we begin the design process for the new mascot,” said Union Chief Communications Officer Chris Payne. “We have an artist who is taking all of the feedback that has been collected about the desirable mascot attributes and he will create several different iterations. Once we are satisfied with the choices, we will go back out to the students and they will cast the deciding vote on their favorite design, which will become Union’s new symbol. We want to make sure this new mascot is one that everyone will embrace as we take things in a new direction.” 

The student vote came in as follows: 















Cedar Ridge


















































Rosa Parks





Grades 6-12




80.7% Redhawks          19.3% Bison

(Grades 6-12)






72.5% Redhawks          27.5% Bison

(Grades 4-12)


One year ago, on November 9, 2020, the Union Board of Education voted unanimously to discontinue the use of the district’s previous mascot that had been in place for more than 75 years.


Students Vote During October

Union Public Schools students in grades 4 – 12 voted on the new mascot, selecting between two choices – REDHAWKS or BISON – as being the best representative for the district. Voting will take place from Oct. 7 – 22, with the result to be revealed the following week. The Mascot Advisory Committee had narrowed the choices down to these two finalists after an extensive public search had been conducted resulting in more than 320 mascots ideas had been submitted.

After revealing the name of the two finalists on Sept. 8, the district asked Union students, supporters, staff, and community members to participate in a Thought Exchange to share opinions about the nominees. More than 9,000 people participated in the Thought Exchange, sharing 6,182 thoughts, with 90,887 ratings given. There was broad representation among Union stakeholders, with 74% being students, 9 percent alumni, 4 percent parents, 4 percent teachers, staff, or administrators, and 9 percent community/other.

Participants were asked, “Of the Top Two mascot choices – Redhawks or Bison – which do you think has the qualities that best represent Union Public Schools?” A complete list of attributes for the two mascot finalists (as submitted by the nominators) was shared here. Union supporters were then asked to share not only their own thoughts but were also given the opportunity to rate the thoughts of others.

Among the findings:  

  • Redhawks appears to have a slight edge over Bison – about a 2-to-1 ratio – among all audiences. Among students, however, the lead narrows to roughly an 8-to-5 ratio.
  • Among alumni and parents, Redhawks was preferred to Bison about 3.5-to-1. Among Union staff and community members, Redhawks was generally preferred 2-to-1. 
  • Those who chose Bison most generally chose it due to the qualities they felt were more aligned with Union’s attributes, with the most highly rated comments being:
    • “Bison embody a fierce, powerful, community-driven nature and are a strong symbol of Oklahoma and our Native American heritage.”
    • “Bison is representative of Union’s enduring spirit and the passion of our community. It is not a lone hunter. Their power is stronger as a herd.”
  • Those expressing a preference for Redhawks largely made their choice due to the “red” color and how the name sounds, with the most highly rated comments being:
    • “Redhawks: I like the consistency of ‘red’ in our mascot.”
    • “Redhawks fits with Union’s existing colors and what we represent.”
    • “Redhawks sounds cooler than bison!”
    • “Union Redhawks! It’s perfect, sounds so close to the original. Would also sound good during the fight song.”

For a complete summary of the results and a presentation, visit

On November 9, 2020, the Union Board of Education voted unanimously to discontinue the use of the Union Redskins mascot that had been in place for more than 75 years.

Union Seeks New Mascot

On November 9, 2020, the Union Board of Education voted unanimously to discontinue the use of a mascot and logo that had been in place for over 75 years. Now Union needs to select a new mascot for Union High School. To begin the process, we’re trying a new tool called Thought Exchange. We are already contacting students, parents and teachers via email and text message with links to Thought Exchange.

This will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts about what characteristics and attributes you want the new mascot to have. Not only will you be able to share your own thoughts, but you will have the opportunity to rate the thoughts of others (which is where this gets FUN!).

The exchange will run through Friday, May 21, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. We will share the results of the exchange with you. Later we will unveil a mascot application process where you will be able to share your recommendation for mascots that best exemplify Union High School and the district. We hope you enjoy this process as we work together to identify a new mascot for Union High School and the district. 

Why Union Discontinued Its Mascot

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