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Community Health Clinics

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Students and families can enroll by either contacting their school nurse or by calling 918-619-4400. To make an appointment, call 918-619-4400. A Spanish translator is also available.

Busy Union parents who have trouble taking time off from work for their children to see the doctor need to know about our Community Health Clinics also known as the Bedlam Clinics or school-based health clinics.

Make an appointment

Call 918-619-4400.

Community Health Clinics are located at two locations:

The clinic provides preventative health care, physical exams, immunizations and same-day treatment for a host of common ailments and typical childhood illnesses. Students and their families are eligible whether or not they have insurance or whether or not they qualify for Medicaid. For those who are underinsured, the services are free. The clinic hours are convenient and the process for enrolling is easy. To enroll, please contact your child's school.

A school nurse and a full-time physician’s assistant staff the clinic. They can prescribe medicine and, if necessary, make patient referrals to physicians at the University of Oklahoma Health Clinic in Tulsa. Bilingual assistance is also provided.


Community Health is an innovative, collaborative program that has provided affordable healthcare to the indigent and underserved in Tulsa County since 2003.  Interactive clinics are medical homes to nearly 14,000 at-risk school children, residents of public housing, isolated elderly, single parents and working poor each year. 

In addition, the model provides an essential teaching component to OU medical, pharmacy and nursing students. Hands-on training strengthens clinical skills, overall curriculum and cultural competency while heartening an appreciation for volunteerism and efficient clinic operation.

Through compassionate care and preventive education, patients are empowered to take responsibility for their health and disparities are removed.  The OU Physicians Community Health (a department under the OU School of Community Medicine) is keeping families healthy and kids in school, alleviating emergency room use and realizing lasting positive impact.