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Dr. Kirt Hartzler
Dr. Kirt Hartzler,
Superintendent / Biography

Charlie Bushyhead
Charlie Bushyhead,
Associate Superintendent / Biography

Sandi Calvin
Sandi Calvin
Assistant Superintendent/ Biography

Tirish Williams
Dr. Trish Williams

Financial Officer /
Chris Payne
Chris Payne
Chief Communications Officer / Biography
Todd Borland
Todd Borland
Executive Director of Technology /  Biography
John Federline
John Federline 
Executive Director of Secondary Education / Biography

Theresa KigerTheresa Kiger 
Executive Director of Elementary Education / Biography

Jay Loegering
Jay Loegering 
Executive Director of Human Resources / Biography
Gart Morris
Gart Morris
Executive Director of
Instructional Technology
Todd Nelson
Dr. Todd Nelson
Senior Executive Director of Research-Design-Assessment / Biography

Lisa Witcher
Lisa Witcher
Senior Executive Director of Instructional Services / Biography

Emily Barkley / Biography
Director of Athletics

Matthew McCready / Biography
Director of Fine Arts

Lisa Griffin / Biography
Director of Child Nutrition
Gary Greenhill / Biography
Director of Transportation
Dr. Susan Hartzler / Biography
Director of Adult/Community Education
Deborah Wolin /  Biography
Director of Special Services
Cathy (Smart) Bentley, CPA / Biography
Director of Financial Reporting /Treasury
David Young / Biography
Director of Purchasing & Supply Management
Julie Harkrider
Director of Accounting
Fred Isaacs
Director of Construction Services / Biography

 Ty Wardlow / Biography
Director of Safety & Security

Lee Snodgrass / Biography
Executive Director of Special Projects

Christine Bunyard,
Director of Payroll / Biography

Melissa Brock / Director of Human Resources / Biography
Charles Pisarra / Biography
Associate Director of Fine Arts Intern / Director of Union Bands
Cathy Damen, M.Ed, BCBA
Associate Director of Special Services 
Steve Dunlap  / Biography
Associate Athletic Director
Kirk Fridrich / Biography
Associate Athletic Director

Rebecca Byers
Associate Director of
Budgeting & Treasury / Biography

Chasity Gray / Biography
Director of Professional Learning
Amy McCreadyBiography
Associate Director of Adult Education

Sherri Fair / Biography
Director of Federal Programs





12th Grade
Principal Tony Tempest / Biography
Assistant Principal Briane Grass / Biography
Assistant Principal Clayton Hucke / Biography

Associate Director of
Student Life Mike Rose / Biography

11th Grade
Principal John Chargois / Biography
Assistant Principal Bob Buck  / Biography
Assistant Principal Jennifer Jackson / Biography

10th Grade
Principal Marla Robinson / Biography
Assistant Principal James Cooper / Biography
Assistant Principal Joshua Robinson / Biography

9th Grade
Principal Kenneth Moore / Biography
Assistant Principal Estella Evans / Biography
Assistant Principal Beau Brannon / Biography

8th Grade
Principal Michelle Cundy / Biography
Assistant Principal Tedria Charles / Biography
Assistant Principal Robert Harris / Biography

7th Grade
Principal Tammy Ward  / Biography
Assistant Principal Meghan Bender / Biography
Administrative Intern Greg Kelly  /  Biography
6th Grade
Principal Scott Pennington  / Biography
Assistant Principal Mila Trujillo / Biography
Administrative Intern Crystal Soltow / Biography

Alternative School
Alternative Principal Chris Ducker  / Biography

Early Childhood Principal Alycia Pennington / Biography Andersen Principal Bethany Harper / Biography

Boevers Principal Amy Smith / Biography
Assistant Principal Michelle Naylor / Biography

Cedar Ridge Principal Principal 
Michele Spencer / Biography 

Clark Principal Alicia Ewing / Biography
Administrative Intern Kristina Brawley / Biography
Darnaby Principal Chris Reynolds / Biography

Grove Principal Kim Berns / Biography
Administrative Intern Dr. Leedy Smith / Biography

Jarman Principal Shawna Thompson / Biography
Assistant Principal Heather Federline / Biography

 Jefferson Principal Kim Rampey / Biography
Assistant Principal Brittany Grove / Biography

McAuliffe Principal Jennifer McKnight / Biography
Assistant Principal Shana Harris / Biography

Moore Principal Lindsay Smith / Biography 

Ellen Ochoa Principal Rita Long / Biography
Assistant Principal Marco Herrera / Biography

Rosa Parks Principal Jackie DuPont / Biography
Administrative Intern Becky King / Biography

Peters Principal Tracy Weese / Biography