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Graduation Celebration

Commencement for the Class of 2019 will start at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 13, at the BOK Center, 200 South Denver Ave W., in downtown Tulsa. Visit Commencement for information about the event. Information on this page as well as graduation photography is also available through the Activities Office at the High School.

Seniors - Join your Class of 2019 to Celebrate after the ceremony!
Graduation Celebration - MAY 13 at Incredible Pizza
Doors open between 10:30pm – midnight for check- in of PRE-PAID students and PAY at the DOOR students - $ 65 CASH ONLY.
Wear your STUDENT ID!

Doors are scheduled to lock shortly after midnight, but we will adjust the time based on release from the BOK Center, allowing time to go home and then come to event. We will monitor our pre-paid check-in list, so no one is locked out. Security check before entering – no backpacks, large bags, or purses, and don’t forget…..Wear your STUDENT ID! We will scan your ID’s for attendance list. See you at Grad Celebration!

See Graduation Celebration Registration Forms  / Get the T-shirt