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EDGE: Earn a Degree, Graduate Early (Early College High School at Union Public Schools) targets first-generation college students, those who come from families who have had no experience with college or expectation that their children will attend a university. 

Q: Is there a cost for EDGE? 

A: There will be no cost to students enrolled in Union’s EDGE program. Tuition, fees, and books will be covered by the partnership between Union Public Schools and Tulsa Community College. Students will be responsible for the cost of college admission exams. Fee waivers are available for the ACT and SAT for qualifying students.

Q: My student is enrolled in concurrent (dual enrollment) courses at Union. Can my student switch to EDGE?

A:  No. Students may only apply for EDGE during their eighth grade school year.

Q: Why is there a charge for concurrent college courses when there is not one for the EDGE program?  

A: The reason has to do with how the two programs are funded.  Union Public Schools is paying TCC to offset the cost of the instructors for the EDGE program as part of this program.  The EDGE program also has an entirely different focus – recruiting first-generation college students and under resourcesd students while the concurrent enrollment/dual enrollent program is open to all students.  

Q: You say, “This program is not for everyone.”  What are the other options available to my student? 

A: Union has multiple pathways for college and career success, whether it is concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement, Virtual Academy, the Career Connect Program, or EDGE. There is no “one size fits all.” Our job is to help students identify the pathway that best suits them given their talents, career interests, and future life goals.





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