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Early Childhood Classes

Class environment

The Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center utilizes a unique environment, apart from the rest of Union's school sites, to help the classrooms resemble children's homelife. 

This effect is accomplished through low-level lighting and thoughtful presentation and placement of open-ended authentic materials supporting both academics and social emotional competency. 

And, of course, lots and lots of hugs and personal attention! The idea is designed to ease children's transition to a school environment and make the center more welcoming. Below are sample classroom environments:

Early Childhood Center Early Childhood Center

Identity, Community and Long-Term Investigations

Union SchoolsStudents engage in a variety of activities supporting community and identity, often following a long term investigation though the school year as they build upon lessons they have previously explored. Students work both in small groups and independently while certified teachers offer explorations encouraging creativity, critical thinking skills and socialization. Parents are integral throughout this process and participate in activities that encourage and support children.