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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.


Union High stands proud forever!
Loyalty rides high.
Memories, forget them never
As the years go by.
Friends, we make from year to year.
Watch as goals are reached
Union High will always be dear
To our destiny.  

2024 Commencement

Specific Information about the Class of 2024 Commencement will be posted this spring and shared on this page. 

Commencement is coordinated by the Student Life office at the High School.

Appropriate Dress

Appropriate dress for the graduation ceremony will consist of the following worn under the official gown:

  • Boys: dark or khaki trousers, dark dress shoes, and dark dress socks, along with a dress shirt, preferably white, and a tie.
  • Girls: a light colored dress which must be shorter than the gown or black slacks along with white, neutral, or black shoes. 

Approved special recognition items include medals for valedictorians and salutatorians; stoles for Student Council Officers, Class Officers, National Honor Society, Early College High School Graduates, National Technical Honor Society; cords for the top 10% of the graduating class, community service recognition, and distinguished graduate recognition. 

No other recognition or decorative items may be added to the graduation gown or cap. Students whose attire does not comply with these regulations may not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Several days before graduation, the gown should be taken out of the wrapper and hung to let the wrinkles fall out. The mortar board is worn flat on the head. Tassels are to be worn on the right side of the cap before Graduation and will be moved to the left side as part of the ceremony. 

Appropriate Behavior

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion and appropriate behavior is expected. Noisemakers are not permitted during the ceremony. Any violations of these regulations may result in confiscation of the items or removal from the arena. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Families must have their tickets with them in order to enter the ceremony. 

Transcripts and Diplomas

Final transcripts will be sent to colleges once they become available, typically mid-June. Instructions for how to log into SCOIR and how to request a final transcript can be found on SCOIR and Canvas.

Questions regarding diplomas?  Call the Registrar at 918-357-7204.

Senior Favorites

Senior favorites for the 2023-2024 school year have been announced.

Worst case of senioritis:
•    Dat Nguyen
•    Sydney Funkhouser

Best Dressed:
•    Ashaylee Gaines
•    Devon Jordan

Most likely to be a CEO:
•    Tanner Jarvis
•    Ruby Kibuka

Class Clown:
•    Maraya Logan
•    John Carter

Best eyes:
•    Paige Shelton
•    Zurich Chicoine

Worst Driver:
•    Babyrose Vang
•    Jake Scarbrough

Nicest Whip:
•    Macy Martin
•    Price Martin

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize:
•    Raashi Karande
•    Josh Kanter

Most likely to brighten your day:
•    Chole Moon
•    Zane Roy

Tardy King & Queen:
•    Leinee Keck
•    Edgar Ibarra

Most likely to be a lawyer:
•    Raashi Karande
•    Will Spatz

Baby Faced:
•    Kate Spencer
•    Brendon McQueen

Most likely to be President:
•    Ruby Kibukia
•    Samuel Williams

Most Adventurous:
•    Sydney Grismore
•    Zurich Chicoine

Most Prepared:
•    Monica McMahon
•    Samuel Williams

Most likely to be a talkshow host:
•    Sutton Berman
•    Lane Wood

Most School Spirit:
•    Laurin Behara
•    Seth Taylor

Most Likely to go pro:
•    Sydney Grismore
•    Jino Boyd

Most Dramatic:
•    Mia Posey
•    Samuel Williams

Most likely to be on The Bachelor or Bachelorette:
•    Haley Matson
•    Carson Malham

Biggest Spender:
•    Ella McGovern
•    Sabill Ali

Most likely to win an Oscar:
•    Stephanie Trotman
•    Dalen Fuller

Most Likely to win a Grammy:
•    Kaylan Griffin 
•    Brayden Best

High School Sweethearts:
•    Brittney Smith & Callum Lembke



Danika Bushyhead
Director of Student Life
Secretary Lynda Blythe


View 2023 Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

For the first time since 2019, all of the seniors at Union High School were able to celebrate together in an outdoor commencement for the ages on Saturday, May 20 at Union Tuttle Stadium.

Reigning National Teacher of the Year Rebecka Peterson of Union High School asked seniors to focus on the U and everything it means to be a Redhawk, throwing the U to the crowd, as she spoke to the packed stadium.

Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler also spoke to the audience, as well as three valedictorians, and Principal John Chargois.
It was the first time since 2019 when all of the seniors were able to participate in a graduation ceremony after Covid-19 forced Union to be creative in how it celebrates graduation. Weather had also hampered previous celebrations, requiring smaller ceremonies to be held inside the UMAC.

Heavy rains on Friday, however, cleared up and Union was able to host commencement in the new stadium for the first time as seniors filled up white chairs on the football field. Families and friends filled both sides of the stadium and small outflow crowds flanked the northern portions of the stadium.

“You have been a remarkable class,” Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler told the seniors. “Time and time again your tenacity and work ethic have driven you to succeed and be your best. The legacy you have left through your teamwork and championships, your high levels of volunteerism, and your motivation to achieve has made your class highly respected and means that you are well suited for success after high school.”