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Club De Lectura Familiar

Family Reading Club

Union Public Schools’ English Learners Program has created a Family Reading Club to help Spanish-speaking families develop reading comprehension – and to enjoy reading.

Family Reading Club hopes to show families how they can conduct family-reading times, using guided reading models similar to models used by teachers in the classroom. The club also hopes to engage students in reading so they can learn meanings of words through context and clues, thus improving their reading comprehension.

District Bilingual Liaison Amanda Peregrina, who has been assisting families with improving reading skills, said, “Another purpose of this new club is to reinforce their own first language and help students build and reinforce communication with their families, their culture as well as their first language.”

Peregrina has been working with a community group called “El Poder de las Familias,” which means “The Power of the Families” through the Community City Council. She anticipates group leaders or “promoters” will eventually guide small groups of families on how to create and maintain their own family reading clubs.

“The idea is to encourage families to be part of the club, and not just let their children read on their own, without purpose,” she said.