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5511 Distance Learning

In the event of an emergency declared by a federal or state government entity that impacts the operation of public schools in Oklahoma, a localized emergency such as a weather-related school closure or a localized public health emergency, or upon an action taken by the State Board of Education declaring such an emergency that leads to the temporary emergency closure of schools campuses or otherwise significantly impacts the operation of public schools in Oklahoma as determined by the State Board of Education, the District may implement its distance learning plan which provides for distance learning that is accessible to all students. When the District engages in distance learning:

1.        Instruction shall be under the supervision of the board of education.

2. . Instruction will be provided via internet-based instruction (virtual and two-way interactive video instruction) or other means of remote connectivity. The District will ensure each student has access to internet connectivity and any device(s) necessary; if not, the District will provide them for student use free of charge.

3.        Instruction and content will be consistent with the Oklahoma Academic Standards for the subject area and/or grade level in which credit is awarded. Instruction and content provided through distance learning delivery methods other than virtual instruction must be equitably equivalent to the instruction and content provided through virtual instruction.

4.        Attendance shall be maintained through the District’s authorized student information system consistent with all rules and regulations of the State Board of Education. The attendance for a student participating in virtual distance learning shall be the date on which the student first completes an instructional activity as defined in 70 O.S. § 3-145.8. The defined time period, assignment completion status, or other means used to determine student attendance in the virtual program shall meet or exceed the minimum measures of virtual attendance listed at 70 O.S. § 3-145.8(B).

5.        Students will be able to participate in approved extra-curricular activities.

6.        Students shall participate in all assessments required by the Oklahoma School Testing Program.

7.        All credits earned by students shall be granted by the District.

8.        Issues regarding the monitoring of student progress, graded assignments, and testing in internet-based virtual instruction courses shall be addressed by existing board policies.

9.        The security of individual student data and records shall be in accordance with existing board policy. No individual student data obtained through participation in internet-based virtual instruction courses shall be used for any purposes other than those that support the instruction of the individual student. Under all circumstances, the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) apply to student data.

10.     All federal and state statutes and regulations pertaining to student privacy, the transmission or posting of images or other content on the internet or “World Wide Web”, copyright of materials, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules pertaining to the public broadcasting of audio and video, and other such issues shall apply to virtual instruction platforms, media, and any associated content.

Adopted 8/20/2020