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5505 Credit by Exam and Proficiency-Based Promotion

Credit by Exam (CBE) and Proficiency-Based Promotion (PBP), provides the opportunity for students to move forward in their educational endeavors by subject, course and/or grade level based upon mastery of the Oklahoma State Standards, not upon time spent in classes, completion of assignments or prerequisites. Parental involvement is integral in the CBE process as is consideration of the student’s social, emotional and intellectual needs. CBE is intended to serve those unique students enrolled in Union Public Schools whose needs cannot be met by following a traditional timetable and sequence but who require promotion beyond current placement.

Students who request CBE will complete an application process and take a criterion-referenced test to measure the skills and knowledge relevant to each core course or subject. Applicants may also be required to complete a performance component. Upon successful completion of all components, and after appropriate consultation with parents, students may be promoted and will receive appropriate credit. Credit earned in high-school-level courses will count toward meeting graduation requirements and a grade will be assigned. However, the grade will not be included in calculating the student’s GPA. No record of unsuccessful attempts will be maintained in the student’s permanent school records.

Options for accommodating student needs for advancement after having demonstrated proficiency may include, but are not limited to, the following: individualized instruction, correspondence courses, independent study, concurrent enrollment, cross-grade grouping or grade/course advancement. The district does not assume financial responsibility for these options.

As with other promotion/retention issues, a parent may request a promotion against the recommendation of the school. At this point, school personnel may promote the child or re-affirm their position. The parent has the right of appeal to the Board of Education, whose decision is final.

In accordance with state statutes, Credit by Exam assessments are offered twice per year, prior to the beginning of the school year to affect upcoming grade placement and at the end of the school year to affect the following year’s grade placement. Dates for CBE assessments are published on the district website or by other public means. Students requesting CBE assessments must complete the application process and take the criterion-referenced test(s) within one of the two assessment periods per year designated by the district.


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