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5501 Students Entering from Another School District

The Board of Education of the Union Public School District, in the interest of maintaining a suitable educational environment, student discipline and the safety and well-being of all students and employees, adopts the following policy prohibiting the attendance of or the approval of a transfer of any student who has been moved to an alternative placement due to attendance or discipline issues.

The Union Public School District may prohibit any student who is under suspension from another school district (public or private) at the time he/she enrolls in the Union Public School District from attending classes or participating in school activities (hereafter the “prohibition term”) within the district. This prohibition includes students who establish or attempt to establish a bona fide residency within the district either before or after their suspension from another school district.

Any student subjected to a prohibition term pursuant to this policy may appeal that decision to the Superintendent or designee by requesting such an appeal within 48 hours of the student’s notice of the decision. Student appeal requests to the Superintendent or designee must be made in writing. Failure to appeal a decision imposing a prohibition term in a timely manner waives all rights to further challenge such decision.

If upon receipt of official records from the sending school, the Union Public School District discovers the student has been suspended and has failed to report this information when he/she enrolled, the district may require the student to complete the terms of the suspension that occurred at the sending school.

On appeal, the Superintendent or designee will consider:

A.      Whether the student is under suspension or reassigned to alternative placement from another school district.

B.      The reason for the suspension.

C.      Whether the length of the suspension and any conditions imposed pursuant to the suspension are consistent with the Union Public School District’s suspension policy for the same or similar offenses.

If the answers to A and C are in the affirmative, the prohibition term will be upheld. If the student is found not to be under suspension or reassigned to alternative placement from another school district, the student will be immediately eligible to attend classes and to participate in school activities. If the suspension or reassignment to alternative placement imposed upon the student is found to be inconsistent with the district’s student suspension policy or practices for similar offenses, then the Superintendent or designee may consider modifications to the prohibition term in order to make the prohibition term consistent with the district’s suspension policy or practices.

A student will be eligible to attend classes and participate in school activities following the expiration of the prohibition term.


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 1/18/10