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5060 Student Dress and Performing Groups and Graduation Attire

While the mission of Union Public Schools is to educate its students, there is a close relationship between high standards of dignity and pride and proper grooming. It is important that dress contribute to the atmosphere of a good educational environment. It is hoped that a minimum amount of time and effort is spent on enforcement; however,

it is the responsibility of the student and the parent to adhere to these guidelines. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the building principal. There may be clothing, hairstyles, and/or accessories not specifically addressed herein that might be so disruptive to the educational process that the building principal may need to take immediate corrective action. In those cases requiring such action, the building principal may act immediately.

General Guidelines:

A.      Modesty will be the dominant feature in all clothing.

B.      Clothing must be clean and safe.

C.      Clothing, hairstyles and/or accessories must not be revealing, disruptive, or distract from the educational process in any way.

D.      Clothing must not be derogatory to any individual, group, or institution, including hate-group messages.

E.       All students are required to wear clothing including shoes which are safe and appropriate for school activities.

F.       Hair is to be well-groomed and clean.

G.      Coats and/or outerwear may not be worn during the school day except at the discretion of the classroom teacher (dependent on classroom conditions) or the administration.

H.      One-piece swimsuits must be worn while using the pool.

I.        Shorts, dresses or skirts must be longer than the tip of the longest finger with arms fully extended against the leg (no tears, cuts or holes in garments above this point are acceptable).

J.        Tattoos which violate Board policy must be covered so they are not visible.


Unacceptable Clothing and Accessories:

A.      Dresses, shirts or blouses that only partially cover the shoulders (no tank tops and no halter tops).

B.      Low-cut shirts or blouses; shirts which expose the midriff or full back; and pants, skirts or other clothing which expose the midriff.

C.      Any clothing which reveals undergarments.

D.      Slacks, pants or shorts worn below the hip.

E.       Caps, hats, hoods or other head covering in the building.

F.       Clothing and or accessories which carry messages either written or suggesting the promotion of illegal substances including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products; vulgar language, sex, violence, gang- related affiliation or other symbols that detract from the learning environment.

G.      Gang-related attire (colors, bandannas, shoelaces, symbols, belts/buckles, jewelry, etc.)

H.      Bedroom attire (pajamas, lounge pants, slippers, etc.)

I.        Jewelry with spikes, electronic jewelry, or items worn as jewelry which are not intended to be worn as jewelry.

J.        Collars intended for use on animals.

K.      Chains, including wallet chains or collars.

L.       Excessive or distinctive makeup.

M.     Sheer shirts covering unacceptable clothing.

N.      Cleated or steel-toed shoes or boots.

O.      Sunglasses.



Uniforms used by parent- or school-sponsored groups will be selected by the sponsor with approval by the principal or director responsible, after consultation with the Superintendent or designee. Uniforms should be tasteful and appropriate for the activity. Some approved uniforms may be appropriate for performances or competitions, but not for school attire. Uniforms worn on campus during the school day must meet the dress code guidelines.



Each year students eligible to graduate will be given expectations for appropriate dress for the graduation ceremony. Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 1/14/02

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 2/12/07

Revised 12/10/18

Revised 12/9/19

Revised 12/12/22