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5048 Complaint Procedures for Federal Programs

All complaints concerning Union Public Schools Federal Programs should be filed with the Director of Federal Programs or with the General Counsel of the State Department of Education. Within thirty days of receipt of

a complaint, the applicant agency shall conduct an investigation of the allegation and resolve the complaint. Subsequent to the investigation and resolution, a written decision shall be filed with the General Counsel of the State Department of Education and the complainant.

A complaint may be filed by parents, teachers, or other concerned individuals or by an organization in relationship to the program. Union Public Schools is required to review all complaints made concerning a covered program if:

A.                  the complaint is in written form and alleges that Federal program requirements have been violated;

B.                  the complaint is signed;

C.                  the complaint includes the facts on which the statement is based, and the specific program requirement alleged to have been violated;

D.                  and the complaint includes information supporting the allegation along with the allegation.


Adopted 12/14/2020