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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.

1840 Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Union Public Schools believes that appreciating human diversity, developing a capacity for cultural competence, and committing to equity and inclusion will enable the district to fulfill its mission and support its core values. Inclusivity and cultural competence encourage individuals and organizations to understand and respect differences. The district is committed to procedures intended to support a diverse and equitable school community in an inclusive manner. Diversity includes diversity of personhood, diversity of thought, diversity of values, and diversity of perspectives. In order to support our diverse student population, the district seeks to recruit and to retain employees who reflect the culturally rich and diverse perspectives of our community.

The district recognizes and values the diversity of our students and families, employees, and business/ community partners. The district is committed to supporting a culture of diversity, acting in equitable ways, and collaborating inclusively to contribute to the achievement of all students.

The district is committed to implementing policies and practices that promote equal opportunity and prohibit discrimination as stated in board policies 4000, 4046, and 5000.



Policy Proposed 11/8/21

Adopted 12/13/21