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1750 Research Authorization

The district recognizes the importance of valid and meaningful research. However, the first responsibility of the district is the education of the students currently enrolled. Therefore, any cooperation in research endeavors by individuals or institutions from outside the district must occur in the context of this primary obligation and in conformity with all applicable legal constraints.


The district will consider research requests from responsible researchers, representing recognized educational or private agencies, to conduct a study which meets the following criteria:

A.      Shows evidence of careful planning, including a thorough review of related literature to assure that the question proposed for study has not already been answered by previous research.

B.      Offers promise for improving teaching and learning in the classroom, or for otherwise increasing the quality of public school education.

C.      Is not offensive to the values and standards of the school community.

D.      Does not require the involuntary participation of students or employees, makes no undue demands upon their time, and poses no serious interruption to the regular school program.

E.       Is in accordance with state laws, makes available for inspection by the parents of participating students all instructional material, including textbooks, teachers’ manuals, curriculum guides, pamphlets, audio and video resources, computer programs or any other items to be used in the project.

F.       Is planned well in advance to avoid conflicts in scheduling (e.g., requests to gather data in the schools after May 1 may not be approved).

G.      In conformity with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), does not require access to employee or student records that identify the individual without a signed release from the employee or from the parent/guardian of the student. Even with such authorized release, the confidentiality of personal data regarding pupils or employees is to be strictly maintained.

H.      As prescribed by state law, does not require any student to submit to psychiatric or psychological examination, testing or treatment unless prior written consent has been granted by the parent/guardian. Nor without such consent shall any survey, questionnaire or examination be used to elicit from any student information of a personal nature concerning religious beliefs, mental or psychological problems potentially embarrassing to

the student or his family, sexual behavior and attitudes, critical appraisals of other individuals with whom the student has a close family relationship, or legally recognized privileged communication.

I.        Involves no expense to the district.

J.        Will be conducted under the supervision of the Superintendent or designee.

K.      In the case of a student, the proposed study must be for a graduate doctoral dissertation. Requests by undergraduate students or requests by graduate students to gather data for a single course may be considered if the study is of unique value to the district.



All requests for permission to conduct research or to collect data in the district are to be directed in writing to the Superintendent or designee of Union Public Schools.

It is the responsibility of the individual requesting this permission to submit a detailed description of the proposed research project. This description must include the following:

A.      The name, background and agency represented by the person who will conduct the research.

B.      A complete description of the problem being studied, including hypothesis to be tested, data gathering procedures and statistical treatment.

C.      An explicit statement as to the number of students to be involved, the schools in which the study will be conducted, the dates when the study will begin and end, the approximate amount of pupil and personnel time required, and the specific data items needed from school records.

D.      A copy of each test, questionnaire or set of interview questions to be used in the study and, if required, a copy of the release form to be signed by each participant or parent.

E.       Procedures for distributing and returning materials (these cannot be sent by school mail).

F.       Procedures for explaining the study to participants and/or parents, and for securing signatures, as needed, on release forms.

G.      A research proposal from a student must also be accompanied by a letter from the graduate adviser indicating:

(1) that the student’s graduate committee has approved the proposed thesis or dissertation study, and (2) that in behalf of the student, the university requests permission to conduct the study in the Union Public School District.

H.      An agreement from the researcher that, at the conclusion of the study, he/she will forward an abstract of the findings to the Superintendent or designee and to the principal of each school which was involved in the study.



The Superintendent may call a research review committee, chaired by the Superintendent or designee, when a proposal is presented. This committee is authorized to screen requests to conduct research in the district. An administrator from the school which would be asked to participate in the study will be included on the review committee. If a proposal cannot be approved as presented, the committee will take one of the following actions:

A.      Suggest certain changes in the design or procedures and ask that the researcher submit a modified proposal.

B.      Approve the request, subject to certain specified conditions or limitations.

C.      Deny approval on the grounds that, in the judgment of the committee, it would be inappropriate to conduct the proposed research study in the setting of the Union Public Schools. The decision of the committee will be final.


Once a study has been approved, the chairperson of the research review committee will notify both the researcher/ university adviser/organization and those school personnel who will be affected; and will assist the researcher in making arrangements for the gathering of the required data.


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 1/16/06

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 11/8/10

Revised 12/12/22