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1450 School Visitations/Visitor Check In

The Union Public School District welcomes and encourages visits to the schools by parents and interested members of the public. The overall goal is to better control access to our schools, thus providing enhanced protection for our students and staff. The district will also strive to maintain the best teaching and learning environment possible and one that is free from unnecessary outside distractions.


Signs will be placed at main entry points directing all visitors to the main office to be checked in through an electronic check-in system.

Each school site is equipped with an electronic security check-in device which is located at the main entry of the building. All visitors will be required to check in through the electronic security check-in system to proceed beyond the main office during the school day. The visitor will be asked to provide a photo identification to obtain access

to the school beyond the main office. Photo identification will include driver’s license, government-issued ID and/ or permanent resident/alien card. If the visitor does not have acceptable photo identification available, a building administrator will be called to the main office to evaluate the situation and decide about access. This name badge is to be worn in plain view by the visitor while in the building. The visitor will be directed to return to the main office to check out through the receptionist. This process will provide the following:

A.      A consistent check-in procedure throughout the school district that may include a sex offender background check;

B.      A record of who is in the building at any particular time;

C.      A daily/monthly log of all visitors and volunteers in the building.


The following rules will also apply:

A.      Each school will follow the electronic security check-in procedures unless otherwise noted in policy.

B.      All visitors wishing to visit in a classroom while class is in session must make prior arrangements through the principal and teacher. Length of time for observations is limited to 15 minutes. Visitors/parents must be

accompanied at all times by an Administrator. Principals may limit the number and lengths of observations or visits.

C.      All visitors other than custodial parents/guardians wishing to visit during the school day, including during lunch, must make prior arrangements through the principal or designee. Principals may limit the number and lengths of visits.

D.      While in the classroom, a visitor must not interrupt the class in any way nor speak to or disturb the students. If visitors wish to ask questions or confer with the teacher, they must request a conference. This should be done through the office, either as the visitor leaves or later by phone.

E.       Parents bringing items such as lunches, books, clothing, money, etc., must leave them at the front desk for later delivery to the student. If the parent needs to speak directly with the student, the student will be called to the front desk.

F.       The principal shall have the authority to remove from the school building or grounds any persons who he/she has reason to believe will disrupt the classroom or school, are disturbing students or teachers, or whom the principal believes are on the premises for the purpose of committing an illegal act or who are to be excluded by law. The principal shall immediately inform the Superintendent or designee and the Director of Security of any person banned or removed from the school.

G.      District personnel need not sign the guest register. However, in order to be permitted in the classroom, they must follow the above procedures and must be wearing their employee identification badges and uniforms, if supplied.

H.      For the purposes of this policy, the playground, cafeteria and buses are considered a part of the classroom.

I.        Parents or others who are assisting with classroom activities with the principal’s permission are exempt from rules B, C and D.

J.        The principal must give permission for the use of cameras or audio/video recorders at school at any time other than during public performances.

K.      If members of the media arrive on campus without prior authorization from the principal or Chief Communications Officer, such authorization must be obtained before access is granted.

L.       Group events may be handled in a different manner.

M.     Minors must be accompanied by an adult who has been approved through the check-in system.

Adopted 3/10/08

Revised 11/10/08

Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 12/13/04

Revised 1/16/06

Revised 2/12/07

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 11/10/08

Revised 12/12/11

Revised 12/10/12

Revised 12/14/15

Revised 12/11/17

Revised 12/10/18

Revised 12/9/19