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1350 Use of School Facilities

The Board of Education recognizes that the primary function of the district is to provide every student with a high quality and comprehensive educational offering. For this reason, buildings are constructed and facilities provided. The district, therefore, has a prior claim to the use of school facilities. However, the Board of Education is interested in accommodating community and other organizations which seek to use facilities owned and operated by the district. The following Board policy states the requirements established by the Board of Education for such use. In the event of a conflict between any provision of this policy with federal or state laws, the federal or state laws shall prevail.


Pursuant to this policy and subject to the absolute right of the Union Public School District to use the facility for its primary purpose at any time, district facilities may be used by organizations for educational, political, literary, cultural, religious, scientific, civic or recreational purposes. Granting permission to use a district facility does not imply the endorsement of the event or its purpose by Union Public Schools or Union Public Schools employees.


The following groups may not use district facilities:

A.      Any group advocating the violent overthrow of the Oklahoma or United States Constitutions.

B.      Any group which encourages or takes part in any illegal activities.

C.      Any group whose activities may result in violence or damage to district property, or whose activities may endanger life or limb.

D.      Any group whose activities may be disruptive to the normal educational functions of the district.

E.       Any group whose activities are such that the district facilities are not reasonably able to accommodate them.

F.       Any group whose activities are in violation of any other district policy.

G.      Any group which has previously violated this policy while using district facilities or whose activities caused damage to district facilities or injury to persons during such previous use, including failure to pay assessed charges or clean up appropriately.


The Superintendent or designee shall have the authority to approve a facility’s use request by an organization (user) pursuant to this policy. The following procedure shall apply:

A.      Use of school facilities is to be scheduled with the building principal, site administrator, and/or the Facilities Use Committee. All meetings or events will be subject to building principal and Facilities Use Committee approval.

B.      A district Facilities Use Committee with representatives from athletics, fine arts, the UMAC and support services will meet regularly to develop a master facilities schedule. This committee will consider Facilities Use Requests and set use fees, rates, and charges for the occupancy or use of any of the district’s facilities.

C.      Users shall make written application on district Facilities Use Request forms at least 14 days prior to the date of the use requested. If the user’s request is one involving multiple dates, approval may be given for the entire schedule. Should a conflict develop, the district reserves the right to cancel the permission granted, or to require a change to an alternate date, time, or place. Failure to fully and properly complete the application may result in denial of the use request.

D.      Requests for cancellation of the use of school facilities must be given a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the meeting time. The Performing Arts Center and the UMAC must be given a two-week notice. Deposits are non- refundable unless the event is cancelled by the district or an exception is made by the Facilities Use Committee. Their decision is final.

E.       User fees shall be determined by the district. A fee schedule will be maintained at the Union Multi-Purpose Activity Center with the Facilities Coordinator. All use fees shall be paid in a timely manner to avoid further associated collection costs.


The Board of Education reserves the right to require public liability and property damage insurance in the amounts designated by the district for all users under this policy. Non-district groups that co-sponsor events with district groups may also be required to meet insurance requirements.

The Facilities Use Agreement shall specify the required coverage and documentation to be submitted and shall further include a provision to indemnify the district and its personnel against potential claims. Documentation of insurance must be submitted 10 days in advance of occupancy covered by the lease. Generally, the coverage shall be consistent with the provisions of the Oklahoma Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.



Any user requesting the use of public address systems, video boards, spotlights, or other such district-owned equipment must so state on the application. Use of such equipment by any user is at the discretion of the Superintendent’s designee and may require an additional fee.

In rare situations where a mutual exchange of facilities or equipment/supplies/services is possible between the district and the organization, rates may be modified or eliminated at the discretion of the Facilities Use Committee and/or the Superintendent.

Any user requesting use of cafeteria kitchen facilities or concession stands must so state in its application. The cafeteria kitchen facilities may be operated only with an authorized district representative present. Use of the cafeteria kitchen is at the discretion of the Superintendent’s designee and with the approval of the Director of Child Nutrition. Use of concession stands must be in compliance with district contracts.

The user is to protect the building and facilities against unreasonable wear, illegal uses and vandalism. Users will be responsible for damages.

There will be no smoking or use of tobacco products or vapor products/e-cigarettes (as defined in Board Policy #1500) or alcohol in any district facility or on district grounds. There will be no marijuana allowed in any district facility or on district grounds as defined in Board Policy #1970.

Only district personnel or an authorized designee will be permitted to open, set up, clean up, and close a rented facility. Under no circumstances will keys be given to any user.



The Facilities Use Committee will classify user groups in the following manner, including but not limited to:

Class I     Union Public Schools District-Sponsored Activities (No fees assessed)

A.      Athletic events

B.      Fine Arts events

C.      District-sponsored meeting/seminars

D.      District-sponsored programs

E.       Extended Day enrichment programs

Class II  District Sanctioned Organizations Meetings/Banquets (No fees assessed provided use of facilities is during periods when building is normally staffed, no additional labor costs are incurred, and the event is not a fund raiser.)

A.      PTAs/PTSAs

B.      Booster Clubs

C.      Monitored student organization meetings

D.      Union Schools Education Foundation meetings

Class III    District Sanctioned Organizations/District Personnel Profit-Making Events (Fees may be assessed based on costs to the district. Additional fees may be assessed if event is co-sponsored by a for- profit non-district group. Liability insurance may be required.)

A.      Booster Club sponsored fund raisers (Liability insurance required)

B.      PTA/PTSA sponsored fund raisers. Two major PTA/PTSA fund-raising events will be allowed annually at the home school site of the PTA/PTSA organization at no charge to the organization. Use of other district sites may require a fee based on costs to the district. (Liability insurance required)

C.      Fee-based instructional camps (Liability insurance required)

Class IV     Civic and Service Use (No fees assessed providing use of facilities is before or after the regular school day, not interfering with school activities. The activity must end by 8:00 p.m. and require no special set-up or custodial services. If the event extends after 8:00 p.m., regular rental rates apply and liability insurance is required.)

A.      Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings

B.      District-approved parent-/community-sponsored youth programs (community interest/sports/ arts)

C.       Union Public School District Home Owners Associations


Class V      Non-District Organizations (full facility use fees will be assessed. Liability insurance is required.)

A.      For-profit events

B.       Non-profit groups fund-raising events

C.       Meetings or seminars

D.      Private instruction/Recitals

E.       Church services/Events

F.       Competitions/Concerts/Private Events


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/14/98

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 1/14/02

Revised 1/13/03

Revised 12/13/04

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