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1200 Comparability of Services

Union Public Schools has established and implemented policies and procedures to ensure comparability of services.

A.      A negotiated agreement with the Union Classroom Teachers Association (UCTA) and with the Union Support Personnel Association (USPA) ensuring equitable practices among staff.

B.      Per negotiated agreement(s), current salary indexes and scales, salary payments, stipends, and insurance benefits have been established.

C.      Other policies established to ensure comparability include, but are not limited to:

1.       Nondiscriminatory Personnel policy (BP #4000)

2.       Extra-duty Pay Schedule (UCTA #4019)

3.       Reduction in Force policy (BP #4052)

4.       Suspension, Demotion, Termination or Non-reemployment of Support Employees policy (BP #4055) The district will ensure equitability (pupil/teacher/administrative/support ratio) in all schools.

The district will provide equitable distribution of curriculum materials and instructional supplies based on the enrollment of students at each school.

Adopted 3/21/11

Revised 12/12/11

Revised 12/10/12