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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.

1150 Board of Education Committees

The Union Public School District is fortunate to have within its boundaries a large number of talented people who are committed to helping achieve the high educational goals the district has established for itself.

In addition to seeking their advice and assistance through public forums and school volunteer programs, the Board of Education solicits their service on Board committees. The following outlines the general approach to utilizing this invaluable resource:

A.      Two types of committees will be used:

1.       Standing committees whose area of concern is broad and/or continuing in nature.

2.       Critical-issues committees which will deal with a single subject area.

B.      Standing committee members will usually not be asked to serve for more than one year but may be reappointed. A standing committee is to be represented by no more than three appointees from each Board zone.

C.      Critical-issue committees will be appointed to address matters requiring more immediate action. The terms of these committees will vary according to need and will end upon completion of their assignments.

D.      The Board of Education will make patron appointments.

E.       The Superintendent will recommend staff appointments to committees and may solicit a list of teacher volunteers from the building principals.

F.       The Union Classroom Teachers’ Association and Union Support Personnel Association shall be notified of any standing Board of Education committees and any other special committees established by the Board. The

UCTA and USPA shall submit a list of names to the Board of Education, and the Board shall select members to each committee from these lists as appropriate.

G.      The Board of Education president may designate a committee appointee as committee chair.

H.      The president may also assign Board of Education members to serve as non-voting, ex-officio members to any committee to provide information and Board direction.

I.        The Board of Education may provide each committee with a statement of purpose which will include clear instructions, scope and time limits.

J.        Each committee report may be accepted as submitted, modified or rejected by the Board of Education.

K.      Participants serve at the pleasure of Board of Education, and their participation may be terminated if they prove disruptive to the progress of the committee or if there is a breach of confidentiality.


Revised 6/10/96                                                                                                                                                           UCTA 1150

Revised 1/16/06                                                                                                                                                             USPA 2.03

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 12/14/15