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1000 Board of Education Meetings

Union Board of Education meetings are classified as regularly scheduled meetings, special meetings, emergency meetings, or reconvened meetings in which business is conducted by the Board of Education with a majority of its members present.

Notice of all Board of Education meetings must be given in advance of the meeting according to the following schedules:

A.      Regularly scheduled meetings: Prior to December 15, the Board of Education must give the county clerk written notice of the dates, times, and places of meetings for the following calendar year. Changes of time, date, or place must be made in writing to the county clerk ten days prior to the implementation of the change. In addition, 24 hours prior to each meeting, the Board of Education must post a notice of the meeting stating the date, time, place, and agenda. The official notice will be posted at the Education Service Center and at the school sites for regular meetings. The 24-hour period excludes weekends and legal holidays. Copies of the agenda of regular and special meetings may be provided to citizens upon written request.

B.      Special meetings: A special meeting is any meeting other than a regularly scheduled or emergency meeting. Only agenda items may be considered at a special meeting. Notice of the date, time, and place must be given to the county clerk at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, either in writing, in person, or by telephone. If by telephone, the person contacting the county clerk’s office should record the time and date the call is made, his/ her name, and the name of the person contacted. A notice of date, time, place, and agenda must be posted at the Education Service Center at least 24 hours before the meeting.

C.      Emergency meetings: An emergency meeting may be called for the purpose of dealing with a situation involving injury to persons, damage to public or personal property, or immediate financial loss when the time requirements for public notice of a special meeting would make such procedure impractical. As much advance notice must be given as is reasonable and possible for an emergency meeting. Notification of this meeting may be given either in person, by telephone, or electronic means to the county clerk.

D.      Reconvened meetings: These meetings are assembled for the purpose of finishing the business appearing on an agenda of a previous meeting. Only matters on the agenda of the original meeting may be discussed at the reconvened meeting. The time, date, and place of the reconvened meeting must be given by announcement at the original meeting.

The Board of Education may conduct executive sessions to discuss the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining, or resignation of an employee or appointment of a volunteer. In addition, the Board may conduct executive sessions for:

A.      Student suspension if requested by the student, parent, legal guardian, or attorney. The Board must provide notice that said student is entitled to an executive session. Final action taken by the Board of Education must be in open session.

B.      Discussing negotiations concerning employees and representatives of employee groups.

C.      Discussing litigation if:

1.       Litigation is pending

2.       Litigation will be discussed with school attorney.

3.       Disclosure of discussion would impair ability to process suit, claim, or investigation.

D.      Land transactions.

E.       Disabled student placement (or possible due process).

F.       Confidential information.

Executive session is permitted when a quorum is present and the majority of members present vote in favor of it. The vote must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

The policy is in accordance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Law.


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 12/10/07