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4098 Teacher-of-the-Year Stipend / Support-Employee-of-the-Year Stipend

Teacher of the Year Stipend

The Teacher-of-the-Year stipend is designed as a policy that will be an incentive program for teachers. The implementation of a stipend to each Teacher of the Year is to improve the school system and be a reward for excellence in teaching. The Teacher of the Year is tied to the professional development program, a program to improve professionalism within the teaching ranks. The following is a clarification for the Teacher-of-the-Year stipend:

A.      When teachers are selected as Teacher of the Year, they will be awarded a $500 stipend for personal use. Full- time teachers from the following are selected Teacher of the Year.

•          each district elementary school;

•          6th, 7th, 8th, UHSFA, Alt. Ed., ECEC;

•          3 teachers from the HS.

Teachers who serve two or more buildings will designate one site as their “home school” and become eligible to be on the Teacher-of-the-Year ballot at that site only. Notification of stipend is to accompany notification to the Teacher of the Year.

B.      An additional $500 may be added for professional development and/or classroom materials/equipment upon approval of the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.

1.       Professional development is defined as the following:

Seminar, workshop, or college materials, books, fees, and tuition (the portion of college tuition that has not been covered by Higher Education Reimbursement.)

2.       All classroom materials/equipment purchased shall become the property of the district.

C.      The teacher selected as the overall district Teacher of the Year will be awarded an additional $500 stipend for personal use.

D.      Reimbursement for eligible teachers will be in a timely fashion as per established financial procedures. All funds shall be expended by April 1 of the current fiscal year.


Support Employee of the Year Stipend

The Support Employee-of-the-Year stipend is intended as an incentive for support employees to achieve excellence in the workplace in support of the district’s mission.

When a support employee is selected as Support Employee of the Year through the established Support Employee Peer Recognition committee process (one employee will be selected per fiscal year), the Support Employee of the Year will be awarded a $1,000 stipend for personal use.


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 2/12/07

Revised 12/10/12

Revised 12/9/13

Revised 12/8/14

Revised 12/14/15

Revised 12/13/21