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4081 Leave of Absence


Leave of absence policies applicable to certified and support employees are outlined in the UCTA and USPA master contracts. Curriculum Specialists are subject to the UCTA leave of absence policy and Business Support Associates are subject to the USPA leave of absence policy.


An administrator may, upon application to the Superintendent or designee and with approval of the Board of Education, be granted a leave of absence without pay for the specific reason(s) outlined below for a period of up to one year, provided it is considered to be in the best interest of the district.

Requests of administrators for leave of absence may be granted for the reason of personal health or illness. Requests for medical leave shall be accompanied by a doctor’s certification verifying the need for medical leave. The employer may periodically request recertification of medical necessity for leave. Said requests shall be submitted as soon as the need for the leave is anticipated, but at least one month prior to the date requested (unless an emergency exists) setting forth the reason for leave, the length of such leave and the expected date of expiration of leave. The administrator will be required to provide a medical release prior to returning from leave.

The Superintendent may consider other urgent reasons for a leave of absence of an administrator, but may deny any leave of absence if it is not in the best interest of the district for any reason. Due to administrator responsibilities being difficult to cover on a temporary basis, the intent of this leave policy would not include leaves for non-urgent reasons, such as to pursue education, to travel, for child rearing, or other purposes deemed to be of a more routine/ optional nature. Leaves of absence for administrators must be specifically approved by the Superintendent. Reasons for denial could include, but are not limited to, inability to cover the responsibilities of the administrator while he/ she is on leave, major initiatives underway at the time of the request, and/or other reasons making the approval of the leave request not in the best interest of the district.

Administrators shall not return from leave prior to the date of expiration specified on the leave request without the Superintendent’s approval. Administrators granted a leave of absence of less than one year, and the leave of absence ends during the same contractual year may return during the contractual year to their same positions. An administrator returning from a leave the next contractual year may be rehired in a position in the district provided the administrator complies with all requirements of his/her reemployment, but is not guaranteed the same position upon rehire.

Although efforts will be made to locate a similar position in which to rehire the administrator after the leave of absence expires, if the position held by the administrator before he/she went on leave of absence has been eliminated due to budget cuts, reduction of grant funding, reduction of a program, or other reason, the administrator may not be rehired and, if approved for a leave of absence, the administrator accepts this risk of non-reemployment.

Nothing in this policy will interfere with the right of an administrator to use his/her available sick leave nor negate any right under the Family Medical Leave Act.

An administrator returning from a leave the next fiscal year may be rehired into a position provided the administrator complies with all requirements of his/her re-employment.


Revised 6/10/96                                                                                                                                                             UCTA 4081

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 12/13/04

Revised 1/16/06

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 12/14/15