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4065 Teacher Residency Program

For compliance with Oklahoma law and the guidelines and requirements of the Oklahoma State Department of Education regarding the Teacher Residency Program, the Board of Education designates the following positions as the Oversight Committee for the Teacher Residency Program for Union Public Schools:


Associate Superintendent,

Assistant Superintendent,

Executive Director of Elementary Education,

Executive Director of Secondary Education,

Executive Director of Human Resources, and

Director of Professional Learning.

The Board specifically delegates authority to the Teacher Residency Oversight Committee for the development and oversight of the Teacher Residency Program. Authority of the Oversight Committee includes the authority to determine the specifics of the Residency Program, to determine the member types to make up the Residency

Committees for resident teachers in the district, and to appoint Residency Committees. The Oversight Committee is further authorized to delegate aspects of the administration of the Residency Program and may specifically delegate to school site administrators the appointment of Residency Committees for resident teachers at the school sites. Input from the Union Classroom Teachers Association will be considered in developing and administering the Teacher Residency Program.


Adopted 12/14/15

Revised 12/11/17

Revised 12/10/18

Revised 12/9/19