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4046 Discrimination/Harassment

Discrimination and harassment based on race, age, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, genetic information, gender expression or identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status is prohibited. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, derogatory remarks and acts, including slurs, epithets, profanity and other verbal, written, graphic or physical conduct of a hostile, intimidating, abusive, degrading, threatening or violent nature. Included in the definition of discrimination and/or harassment are any such actions taken/ made by any technological means (computer, phone, etc.) including, but not limited to, transmitting, e-mailing, texting, or posting (websites, blogs, chat sites, etc.), and/or by any other means of publishing or transmitting such discriminatory and/or harassing material (words, pictures, video or audio recordings, etc.) This prohibition shall include harassment perpetrated by or against an employee, student, patron, vendor or any other person on district property or at district-sponsored functions.



An employee or other non-student who believes he/she has been subjected to any of these forms of discrimination or harassment may report such conduct to his/her supervisor, the Executive Director of Human Resources or any other district administrator, or to the applicable coordinator referenced in Board Policy #4047. Supervisors and coordinators who have received reports of harassment or are aware of harassment that involves an employee must immediately report these incidents to the Executive Director of Human Resources or Director of Human Resources.

The Executive Director of Human Resources or Director of Human Resources shall investigate the complaint and may, at the end of the investigation, recommend disciplinary action against the harasser if the complaint is substantiated. Appropriate and reasonable steps to separate and protect both the alleged victim and alleged harasser pending conclusion of the investigation will be taken. Both parties shall be notified of the results of the investigation.

Any formal grievance investigated under this policy shall be handled pursuant to Board Policy #4047.



Employees found in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including non- reemployment or dismissal, subject to applicable procedural and due process requirements.

If the source of prohibited conduct is a member of the public, the district response may include barring the person(s) from district property and/or termination of business relationships with the individual(s).

District employees are required to participate in investigations relating to harassment and/or discrimination.



Retaliation shall not be permitted against an individual who complains of these forms of harassment, nor against anyone who testifies on behalf of the complainant, nor anyone who assists or participates in an investigation or proceeding under this policy.


Adopted 12/13/99

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 12/13/04

Revised 1/16/06

Revised 2/12/07

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 12/12/11

Revised 12/14/15

Revised 12/11/17