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4025 Communicable Diseases

Many communicable diseases, including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and/or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), require special consideration in the school environment. The Board of Education seeks to provide an environment which is safe for all students and employees, while maintaining the dignity and privacy of individuals infected with communicable diseases.

Current research indicates that the risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases is low in the school setting when appropriate procedures are followed. All school employees are required to follow the district’s Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan at all times when there is a potential for exposure to any bodily fluid.

Information regarding an individual’s communicable disease status will be maintained in a separate confidential file and will only be disclosed:

•          in compliance with Oklahoma law; or

•          with the express approval of the Superintendent.

Information about an individual’s communicable disease status will not be included in the individual’s regular school or health records. Any individual who discloses another person’s communicable disease status without the superintendent’s express authorization will face disciplinary action.


No individual will be denied employment or have his/her contract nonrenewed based solely on his/her status as an individual infected with a communicable disease.


Reference: OKLA. STAT. tit. 63, § 1-507 (2021)


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 11/10/08

Revised 12/13/21