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4018 Mileage Reimbursement

Reimbursement for district business mileage in the greater metropolitan area shall be calculated at the prevailing IRS rate. Travel to the first local work site of the day and travel home from the local work site are not reimbursable. Any assignment requiring mileage reimbursement must have prior authorization of the respective director/principal whose budget is affected. Claims should be compiled and submitted monthly. Employees receiving an “on

call” stipend, which is intended to compensate employees for mileage within the greater metropolitan area, have been fully compensated for local mileage and will not be further reimbursed for local mileage under this policy. Approved mileage for authorized business travel outside of the greater metropolitan area will be paid as per IRS guidelines and as per Board of Education Travel Policy #3200.


Revised 6/10/96                                                                                                                                                           UCTA 4018

Revised 12/8/03

Revised 12/13/04

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 11/10/08

Revised 1/18/10

Revised 11/14/16