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4015 Professional Development Certification Reimbursement Program

Union Public Schools, under limited circumstances, will provide subject area certification reimbursement to eligible employees. Reimbursement is limited to one subject area examination per individual. Prior to any employee wishing to be involved in this reimbursement program, the Superintendent must agree to sponsor the request at the local level. State Department of Education approval is based on information provided by the district and available funds for the program. Please note that taking and passing a subject area examination does not, in and of itself, constitute approval for providing direct instruction in any subject area. Districts must comply with current State law regarding certification requirements.

Once sponsored or approved by the Superintendent, it will be the employee’s obligation to contact the Oklahoma State Department of Education Special Education Services (OSDE-SES) division for more information.

The OSDE-SES will reimburse districts for fees associated with subject area examinations as outlined below:

1.       Teachers who are currently certified in Special Education (Mild-Moderate or Severe-Profound):

a.        Early Childhood Education (105)

b.       Elementary Education Subtest 1: Reading/Language Arts (050) and Elementary Education Subtest 2: Social Studies/Mathematics/Science/Health, Fitness, and the Arts (051)

c.        English (007) or English (107)

d.       Middle Level English (024)

e.        Advanced Mathematics (011) or Advance Mathematics (111)

f.        Elementary Mathematics Specialist (082)

g.       Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics (025) or Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics (125)

h.       Chemistry (004)

i.         Earth Science (008)

j.         Middle Level Science (026)

k.       Physical Science (013)

l.         Physics (014)

m.     Middle Level Sociology (032)

n.       Psychology/Sociology

o.       U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics (017)

p.       World History/Geography (018)

q.       Mild-Moderate Disabilities (029) or Mild-Moderate Disabilities (131)

r.        Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities (031) or Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities (131)

s.        Blind/Visual Impairment (028)

t.         Deaf/Hard of Hearing (030)


2.       General Education Teachers or Participants in the Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification program:

a.        Mild-Moderate Disabilities (029) or Mild-Moderate Disabilities (129)

b.       Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities (031) or Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities (131)

c.        Blind Visual Impairment (028)

d.       Deaf/Hard of Hearing (030)


Reimbursements must be pre-approved. For pre-approval please email any OSDE-SES contact below using the subject line “Project 616”. Provide a statement, on district letterhead, with the following details:

1)       Names of individuals for whom the reimbursement is being sought;

2)       Current teaching assignment for each individual

3)       Justification for the necessity of each individual to take and pass the subject area examination

4)       Total cost.

Once pre-approval is obtained and an individual takes and passes the subject area examination, the district must submit a computer generated Expenditure Summary and Detail report and a copy of each individual’s subject area examination results. If an individual does not pass the test, the district must obtain pre-approval again. The report and copies must be faxed (405-522-2380) or emailed to appropriate staff at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Special Education Services division.

The reimbursement will run through payroll and will be listed on the employees’ W2 as taxable compensation in the year in which the reimbursement was received by the employee.

For questions and information regarding this program, please contact the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Special Education Services division at 405-521-3351.


Adopted 12/10/18