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3015 Recycling and Recycled Goods Procurement

In an effort to comply with the provisions of the Oklahoma State Recycling and Recycled Materials Procurement Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”) and all associated state administrative regulations, the Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent or designee to develop and implement, management practices consistent with the Act (Ref. O.S. 74 § 85.55).

A.      All schools and departments may participate in the district’s recycling program by collecting paper goods and other materials identified as recyclable by the state recycling coordinator and the district’s recycling coordinator.

B.      All schools and departments will use the district-approved recycling collection company.

C.      The Superintendent or designee shall complete and file the annual recycled materials report to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Division of Capital Assets Management State Recycling Program designee, on or before November 1 of each year.

D.      To the greatest extent economically practical and possible, the District will ensure that the recycled or recovered content of all paper purchased, measured as a proportion, by weight, of paper products purchased in a calendar year, is not less than forty percent (40%) of all purchased paper. The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer or the Director of Purchasing to waive such requirements when it is determined that the purchase of recycled materials is not economically feasible, practicable or possible, as permitted under the Act.

E.       The PTAs and booster clubs may, upon written permission from the building principal and district recycling coordinator, participate in recycling for profit (e.g., collection and selling of aluminum cans) provided that said organizations track and report to the district’s recycling coordinator the monthly and annual volumes of recycled goods collected on school property. An annual report of the previous fiscal year’s volume (July 1 through June 30) shall be submitted to the recycling coordinator on or before August 1 of each year for the preceding year’s activity.


Statutory and Administrative Code References Title 74 O.S. § 85.50 et seq.


Adopted 11/8/99

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 12/9/13

Revised 12/14/15

Revised 12/11/17

Revised 12/10/18

Revised 12/9/19 R

evised 12/11/23