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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.

2050 Superintendent of Schools

The administration of the district in all its aspects shall be delegated to the Superintendent, who shall carry out the administrative functions in accord with the policies adopted by the Board of Education. The execution of all decisions made by the Board of Education concerning the internal operation of the school system shall be delegated to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the Board of Education and has charge of the administration of the schools under the direction of the Board of Education. The Superintendent has the authority to waive Board policy when deemed necessary. Under the authority of the Superintendent, personnel may begin duties prior to official Board approval if deemed necessary to maintain smooth operation of the district. The Superintendent may immediately accept written resignations on behalf of the Board of Education. Such actions shall be presented to the Board of Education for final approval at the next scheduled meeting.

The job of the Superintendent is a group of related tasks, each of which requires special knowledge, information, concepts, abilities and skills. The Superintendent is a generalist whose responsibilities apply in all areas of operation. The educational program must be viewed in its entirety. All tasks must be accomplished so the whole school system functions with balance and precision. For the Superintendent, there is no order of priority of responsibilities.

In discharging responsibilities, the Superintendent works through a problem-solving process. Since time is a component of any process, the Superintendent works through time or sequence. In the solution of any problem, the Superintendent is conscious of the past, the transition period and the future.

The Superintendent’s duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

A.      Exercising general supervision over the operation of all the schools in the district.

B.      Supervising the administration of all school policies.

C.      Attending regular and special meetings of the Board of Education and participating in the deliberations without the privileges of presenting or seconding motions or voting.

D.      Preparing, under the direction of the Board of Education, the agenda for all Board meetings.

E.       Reporting regularly to the Board of Education on instruction, budget, staff, student population, school plant and other district problems so members of the Board of Education may remain informed about school operation and problems.

F.       Recommending for Board of Education consideration new policies or revisions of previously adopted policies.

G.      Evaluating the effectiveness of general or specific areas of the school program.

H.      Developing new and dynamic plans for the operation of the schools.

I.        Recommending to the Board of Education the hiring of personnel, reemployment, non-reemployment or termination as per Board Policy #4099.

J.        Assigning personnel to specific positions and reassigning them as conditions warrant the change. Reassignment involving change in salary status shall subsequently be submitted to the Board of Education for approval of the salary change.

K.      Delegating the responsibility for and giving supervision to the organization and operation of an in-service education program for school personnel where it is deemed advisable.

L.       Supervising the preparation of and administering the general budget for the operation of the schools and presenting it to the Board of Education for approval as a financial plan of operation in accordance with the statutes of the state.

M.     Recommending improvement and expansion in school plant facilities as needs become evident.

N.      Informing the patrons and taxpayers of the district about the programs of the schools.

O.      Attending meetings of the Board of Education and meetings of Board committees, except when his/her own employment, efficiency or salary are being considered, he/she shall serve as the chief professional advisor on all matters pertaining to the schools.

P.       Performing such other duties and exercising such other authority as may be required of or conferred upon him/ her by the law or by the Board of Education.


Revised 6/10/96

Revised 12/8/97

Revised 12/14/98

Revised 12/13/99

Revised 1/8/01

Revised 12/10/07

Revised 12/10/12