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Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and career ready.

Our Facilities

Our Kids Are Worthy Of The Best Facilities

Union strives to offer the best  facilities for students and staff. Voters have historically approved bond issues by wide margins for the construction and upkeep of district buildings and facilities, including Union Tuttle Stadium considered by many in the sports media to be the best high school sports stadium in the state of Oklahoma.

In addition to Union's 19 school site facilities (including the Union Adult Learning Center), Operations maintains facilities at the Education Service Center, the Union Enrollment Center, the Union Transportation, Operations and Distribution Center, Union Multipurpose Activity Center or UMAC, the Union Performing Arts Center inside Union High School, Central Park At Union, the practice fields just west of 61st and Mingo, and the old Sanders football practice site south of the Union 6th/7th Grade Center.

Union Tuttle Stadium

The reviews are in, and Union Tuttle Stadium, in its new form, is an unqualified hit. All the blood, sweat and tears poured into reimagining the 45-year-old stadium for the 21st century have been met with thunderous approval. In fact, three ‘Tulsa World’ sports reporters unanimously selected Union’s “Big House” (nicknamed by Coach Kirk Fridrich) as their choice for No. 1 high school football stadium in the state.  

“Our kids are worthy, and they’re deserving of this,” said Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler. “I’m never going to apologize for building these great facilities for our kids.”

Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead is very pleased with how it turned out. “The whole feel when you walk out of the concourse into the seating area, it’s all first class. I don’t feel like I’ve been in a nicer high school stadium.” He said the openness was inspired from tours of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. “When we talked with architects, we mentioned that openness. You are enclosed under a roof but walk into a lit seating area.  It really makes for a grand entrance and feels like you’re in an arena.” 

Union Multipurpose Activity Center

Facility scheduling not only encompasses the actual event, but all the communications, operations, and maintenance required to prepare, set up, run, and clean up every event. Two employees coordinated 43,355 internal events and 5,614 external rentals involving scheduling, contracts, scheduling conflict resolution, staffing, and set-up and tear-down. The Facilities Department also schedules, stocks, and operates UMAC Concessions, serving 37 UMAC events in 2020-2021.

Union Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center, which was extensively remodeled in 2009, features new chairs, flooring, lights and handicapped-accessible seating, as well as a new stage. It is located at Union High School, 6636 S. Mingo Road. The entrance is located on the south side of the school.

The Performing Arts Center hosts a myriad of activities from music concerts to dramas and plays as well as a number of of High School-assemblies, district events and community events.

Union Innovation Lab

The Union Innovation Lab, 6235 S. Mingo Road, is the place to be for STEM activities at Union Public Schools. In addition to multiple classrooms, lab rooms for Tulsa Tech, Union's new construction classes, a room for Ubotics, soft seating and more.


Ellen Ochoa boy reads a book on steps inside the school.