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Strategic Plan


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Reaching, Engaging, Inspiring

Strategic Plan for 2023-2028

Dear Union Community:

It is with great pride that we present to you this Strategic Plan for the next five years, 2023-2028. I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of this strategic planning process. It was especially important that we gather the thoughts of our students, parents, teachers, staff and community, having met the challenges of the last five years. There were many events we could never have anticipated, but we met them head on, in true Union style.

Never before has our motto, “Together, we make a difference,” been so true. The basics of our previous plan have not changed. Our vision, “REACHING — ENGAGING — INSPIRING,” remains the same. We believe that every student has the right to a high-quality public education, and we are committed to our mission of “100% Graduation, College and Career-Ready.” Our core strengths in early childhood, community schools, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and college and career readiness will continue to power us forward into the future. We have made some minor adjustments to our district’s instructional philosophy, including hope, engagement, relevance, and critical thinking. With the recent passage of our $152 million bond issue, Union has plans to significantly transform the 6th and 7th Grade Center to better meet the changing needs of students at this critical time in their development. We will continue to make investments in safety and technology.

Regardless of what the future brings, we will face the challenges with courage and determination. I am truly honored to serve beside a talented and highly committed staff. We received confirmation of that excellence by having one of our own, Rebecka Peterson, named the 2023 National Teacher of the Year. Our dedicated Board of Education remains unwavering in our mission and in the success of your child. We place a high value on the trust and support of our families and the Union community. We appreciate you!

Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler and the Board of Education

Board of Education - Pictured are members of the Union Public Schools Board of Education, from left to right, President Heather McAdams, Superintendent Dr. Hartzler, Vice President Stacey Roemerman, Deputy Board Clerk Dr. Chris McNeil, Board Clerk Joey Reyes, and member Ken Kinnear.


Core Values

The following core values serve to guide our strategic focus and actions in accomplishing our mission:

  • Commitment to Excellence –Pursue the highest measure of quality in all that we do.
  • Collegiality - Demonstrate respect and an ability to work as team members.
  • Honesty, Integrity, Transparency – Do what’s right and above board.
  • Innovation – Embrace new, effective thinking and programs.
  • Inclusiveness – Cultivate an organizational culture of accepting children, families, and employees for who they are rather than categorizing them by income, ethnicity, or ability.
  • Empowerment – Help people reach their full potential.
  • Accountability – Accept responsibility for achieving results.
  • Thoughtful Planning – Use data and district values in planning and decision making.

See Long-Range Planning Committee


The following principles, along with Union’s “Core Values,” will be used to guide Union’s district’s planning and decision-making:

  • Each student is entitled to an excellent education that maximizes his or her individual potential.
  • Literacy is the foundation to learning and an essential life skill.
  • Our diversity is a strength that creates adaptable, resilient, creative, and innovative citizens.
  • Quality early childhood education is vital to school readiness and future school success.
  • High expectations inspire high performance.
  • All decisions must be student-focused and data-driven.
  • Fiscal stability strengthens our schools, organization, and community.
  • Education is a partnership involving students, parents, and the community.
  • All students deserve educational experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
  • Student engagement and success increase by providing maximum participation opportunities in fine arts, athletics, and other activities.
  • Our community schools philosophy enhances educational support and opportunities for all students.

Union plans to measure the progress of the strategic plan through school health indicators such as organizational and instructional capacity, student outcomes such as attendance, college readiness, course completion, assessments, graduate rates, as well as employee engagement and employee performance measures.





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