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RPECEC Teacher of the Year

Kathryn Quick, school psychologist

Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center – Kathryn Quick, school psychologist

School psychologist Kathryn Quick was named the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year at the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center.

Why do you continue to work as a teacher in Oklahoma?

I continue to work in Oklahoma because there is a significant shortage of individuals with School Psychology credentials willing to work in school settings.  An education is an essential part of a person’s development into adulthood and I want to contribute to a positive educational experience for any child I have the opportunity to work with.  I enjoy the challenge of working with children who bring extraordinary challenges to the classroom and helping his/her teacher meet their learning needs.

What is your favorite classroom activity and why?

I frequently observe children in their classrooms to get to know them and understand their challenges, and it is difficult not to get distracted by the activities of individuals or small groups engrossed in centers of interest to them.  It’s even harder to resist an invitation to play along, or read a book, or chat, or pretend (typical classroom activities at the ECEC)!  I appreciate the hugs, hellos, and high fives offered by almost any child I meet in the hallways and the greetings of parents and teachers throughout the day.  I guess what I most appreciate is the social connections you get to be a part of in a classroom.

What year did you start teaching, and what year did you start at Union Public Schools?

I started in education when 94-142 was enacted as Federal Legislation (you do the math!).  I worked as a HeadStart teacher, DayCare director, and Adjunct faculty in Psychology before completing additional graduate work to be certified as a School Psychologist.  I have worked as a school-based practitioner since 1994, starting at Heartland AEA in Iowa with assignments in rural and urban districts, and a 1-year stint as a district-wide assessment specialist.  We moved to Oklahoma in 2004, where I worked for Bartlesville for 10 years before taking a medical leave of absence.  When I returned to work, I took a position at a day treatment program in SE Kansas.  In 2016, I joined the Psychology team at Union, working at Rosa Parks, Moore, and with the Early Childhood Team.  I retired in 2021 but have returned to coordinate the activities of the Early Childhood team for one more year!

Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Iowa in 1975
  • Master’s Degree in Education/Developmental Psychology from the University of N. Dakota in 1980
  • Master’s Degree in Psychology from Iowa State University in 1986 (ABD in Psychology in 1990)
  • Completed coursework at ISU to be credentialed as School Psychologist in 1994
  • Completed coursework towards certification as a Special Education Administrator in Iowa
  • Passed national exam to be credentialled as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist in 2005.
    This must be renewed every 3 years and I keep this credential current because it allows me to earn a stipend/bonus from OK SDE as a practicing School Psychologist

She been certified to work as a school psychologist in Iowa (where she has permanent professional certification), Kansas, and Oklahoma.

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