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Global Gardens

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Global Gardens

Global Gardens is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students and communities through hands on-science education. The organization believes helping students create a garden is a way to not only assist them in learning about science, health and the environment but also challenge them to become caring, forward thinking and confident individuals. Global Gardens is committed to planting seeds of change!

The program is a voluntary, after-school program at Rosa Parks and near the 6th/7th Grade Center, in which groups of students meet on a weekly basis after school to learn about the environment and gardens and apply what they have learned to a real garden. On Fridays, the students from the groups can invite family members and friends to view their plot and see its progress.

QuikTrip, whose headquarters are adjacent to the Rosa Parks Elementary school property line, has helped Rosa Parks spruce up its garden over the past few years a "day of caring" in September. Global Gardens also partners with McAuliffe Elementary.

Planting Seeds of Change

Our mission at Global Gardens is to empower low-income students to be agents of change in their own lives and communities through inquiry-based science and peace education. We believe helping students create a garden is a way not only to assist them in learning about science, health and the environment, but also to challenge them to become caring, forward-thinking and confident individuals.


  • Develop science-based community garden spaces, where the community has ownership of the implementation, progress, and maintenance of the garden.
  • Encourage the use of the garden as a central gathering and meeting place for the community.
  • Teach an all-encompassing curriculum that connects the garden with other disciplines and allows students to connect the learning in the garden to both school learning and real life experiences.
  • Establish local, national, and international connections with students through the Internet, based on growing and eating food, and various cultural practices involving plants.

Asbury United Methodist Church – through Global Gardens - has partnered with Grove Elementary and the 6th/7th Grade Center to manage The Gardens at Asbury Corner.

Global Gardens

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