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Union 7th Grade Center

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Cell phone use expectations at the 7th Grade Center

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Welcome to the Union 7th Grade Center!

We welcome all  seventh grade students and their parents!


Union 7th Grade Center
10100 E. 61st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133-1507

School Hours

7:40 a.m. – 2:22 p.m. 

Office Hours
7:20 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Main Phone: 918-357-4326
Fax: 918-357-8047

Contact School Nurse


Principal Crystal Pounds 

Assistant Principals    
Mila Trujillo 918-357-8074
Jim Douthat 918-357-8081

  • Secretary TBA – 918-357-8077

Crystal Soltow 918-357-8082

Attendance Secretaries


Mary Nguyen 918-357-8172
Heidi Mayer 918-357-8045
Angie Bruce 918-357-8095

Community Schools Coordinator
Grace Markes

Union Public Schools

Tdap Immunizations Required For All 7th Graders

Oklahoma School Immunization laws require all in-person and virtual students entering the seventh grade to have received one dose of Tdap vaccine. Tdap is a vaccine used to boost immunity to pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus and diphtheria. A dose of Tdap is recommended for all adolescents beginning at age 11 because protection provided by the Tdap shots they received as babies wears off after 5-10 years.

Tdap vaccine is available in most doctor’s offices, clinics, drug stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS, and county health departments. The nearest county health department is the Tulsa Health Department at 51st St. and 129th. Hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday - Friday. Be sure to get a copy of the completed vaccination record to take or mail to your child’s school and to keep for your records. 

There are three methods of turning in immunization records:

1. Mail to school at:

Amy Bustos, 7th Grade School Nurse
Union 6th/7th Grade Center, 10100 E. 61st
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74133

2. Email to [email protected] or fax to (918) 357-8080. 

3. Return in person to the Union 6th/7th Grade Center office.

A completed proof of Tdap immunization or exemption is necessary in order to receive a schedule for 7th grade. If your child is behind on other immunizations, you will also need to catch them up before receiving a schedule. For questions, please contact Karen Graham at 918-357-8180. Thank-you for your help in this matter.

(Sandra Douzart is the 6th Grade Center school nurse. Her number is 918-357-8084.)

Cell Phone Expectations at the 6th/7th Grade Center

Union 6th/7th Grade Center

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Contact Information

Union Public Schools
8506 E. 61st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
Phone: 918-357-4321