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Student Devices

The Information and Instructional Technology Departments work together to provide students electronic devices and a network to use them, whether they are on site at  school or for home use. Many questions can be answered by teachers. This page contains information and instructions for the care of electronic devices such as iPads and laptops that are distributed to Union students as part of the District’s 1-to-1 Initiative.

Report Technology Issues
IT Solution Center - 918-357-6169



Device Protection Plan

Union Public Schools is now offering an OPTIONAL device protection plan to cover any damage that may occur to the device that is assigned to your student.   This single use, pre-paid plan will cover all expenses to repair the device that may have been damaged.  

Here is how the plan works:

1. Purchase the device protection plan prior to October 1, 2022, within 14 days after enrollment, or within two days of using a previously purchased plan.   
2. If any damage occurs to the device during the school year, return the device to a repair center 
3. A different device will be provided to the student immediately with no need to wait for repairs. 
4. If you desire for the device to remain under a protection plan, a new plan must be purchased at that time.  

Protection plan

To purchase a device protection, please visit prior to October 1, 2022.   After that time, you will need to visit the innovation lab for the technician to inspect your device prior to purchasing a protection plan.   If the device is free from defect, then you will have the option to purchase a protection plan at that time.  No cash will be accepted at the Innovation Lab.

Repair Center Locations

  • Technology Repair Center (Nothern-most building, Building C)
    5656 S. 129th E. Ave.
    Entrance is on north side.
  • Each Secondary School

Exclusions to the Protection Plan

  • Vandalism or intentional damage is not covered by the protection plan.   Any damage that is determined to be intentional or vandalism will result in a charge as stated in the “Device Checkout Acceptance Form”
  • Any plan purchased AFTER damage has occurred will only be applicable to any subsequent damage.
  • All plans expire at the end of the school year and are non-refundable.

Estimated Repair Costs for devices without the Device Protection Plan

  • Lost laptop:  $400
  • Lost iPad: $300
  • Broken Screen: $75
  • Hinge Covers: $15
  • Keyboard: $30
  • Broken Trackpads:  $30
  • Headphone Jack: $15  
  • Laptop Charger: $40
  • iPad/Mifi Charger: $10
  • MiFi Unit: $30

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