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Bond Projects - 2020

2020 Bond Projects

Download the Union AR App and check out a 3D simulation of the planned stadium. / Check out our live camera of the stadium construction project.

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Visit Google Play or the Apple Store to download the new Union Public Schools AR app.
Visit Google Play or the Apple Store to download the new “Union Public Schools AR” app. Using the app, fill your mobile screen with the stadium image above and watch “Old Union Tuttle Stadium” transform into Union’s new stadium (coming 2021.)

Visit Google Play or the Apple Store to download the new “Union Public Schools AR” app. Using the app, fill your mobile screen with the stadium image above and watch “Old Union Tuttle Stadium” transform into Union’s new stadium (coming 2021.)

Union Tuttle Stadium – The Shape of Things to Come

Homecoming on October 4 was bittersweet, as it marked not only the district’s 100th anniversary, but our last football season at Union Tuttle Stadium in its current form. Fireworks emblazoned the sky in celebration of the district’s centennial and a stadium that has served our district well.
In January, a stadium that has stood proudly for 43 years will undergo the process of demolition, with the west side being dismantled. Coming in 2021 is a brand-new “home” side with improved accessibility, concessions and restroom facilities. Beneath the new west bleachers will be a new wrestling practice area, an expanded weight room, and locker room. In addition, there will be a larger, better-appointed press box. The east side bleachers will also be renovated and updated with new concessions, restrooms, and improved accessibility. A Fine Arts wing will be added to the north side of the stadium to better serve the High School Renegade Regiment Marching Band. The final phase of the project will include high school interior renovations providing new spaces for the arts, volleyball, and spirit groups. The new stadium is expected to open in 2021 and the Fine Arts addition in 2022.  

Before a new stadium can arise a monolithic structure must first be torn down. Should we expect a large explosion at the push of a button? “No,” said Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead. “This will be more of a slow dismantling. A fence will go up over the Christmas holiday. Then for about six weeks, you will see cranes, backhoes and hydraulic jackhammers, as well as large Caterpillar equipment. The whole process will probably take about six weeks. We will have cameras poised to show it coming down.” Check out our live camera of the stadium construction project.

Then there is the matter of the 2020 football season, played in half a stadium. Game days will change considerably, as only the east [“visitor”] side and the north bleachers will be available. All press box activities will be moved to other locations in the UMAC. Union will likely host a minimum of three home games – maybe as many as five. All groups that use the facility will be inconvenienced – football, band, and some youth sports groups. The goal during the demolition and construction is to minimize the negative impact as much as possible.  

“We will make it up to our fans in the 2021 season, when we host more home games in a new stadium,” said Superintendent Kirt Hartzler. “That first year in the new stadium, we will really be able to show it off to everybody. I promise it will be worth the wait. The fan experience will be greatly enhanced.”

Other Activity Around the Stadium Construction:

East side (“visitor”) remodel:  New concrete sealant and caulking will eliminate water drips when it rains. The walkway will be refurbished with fresh concrete, and the concession stands will be completely remodeled. Other additions include restrooms, new lighting and security cameras, as well as a band construction shop for the building of props. 

Lighting: New LED lighting is expected to significantly brighten the field, with two tall columns with light poles being added to the east side, between the stands and Mingo Road. Temporary poles on the west side will be erected in time for the 2020 football season, to be relocated to their permanent position during the new stadium completion. 

Some parking disruption:  A large part of the south parking lot at the High School will be used as a laydown area for construction materials. Even losing that space, there will still be adequate parking.

Believing in U

Roof Repair and Replacement

The first $1 million in funds budgeted for roof repairs will begin at Union High School, as it is the one that most needs replacing. As many repairs as possible will be made with the available funds. All told, the high school roof is about 900,000 sq. ft. of surface area, so it will be only a partial restoration.


$1.85 million will pay for technology infrastructure, computers and other requests. Aging computers for students and staff will be replaced, along with iPads at elementary schools. Smart Boards will be exchanged for interactive displays, a more advanced technology.

Baseball/Softball Complex

Originally planned for 2022, renovations to Union’s baseball and softball fields at the Union Freshman Academy will be moved up due to the early availability of funds, of which $2.5 million is planned. It is expected that both the baseball and softball field will be turfed. Fencing will be replaced and improvements made to the dugouts at both fields.


Union Public SchoolsFacilities at the High School are not large enough for wrestlers to practice in the same area. The new space will be located in the new stadium, at the field level of the west bleachers, along with weight and locker rooms, a training room, offices and storage. Above that is the concourse level, with concessions, restrooms, and all stadium-related facilities. Completing the renovation is upper deck seating, and on top of that, the press box. The stadium will be torn down in 2020, then built back up again in time for the 2021 season. An estimated $14.6 million has been earmarked for Phase II of the District Fine Arts, Athletics, Classroom, and Stadium renovation.  

District Renovation Projects and Equipment

$1.27 million will be used to purchase smaller HVAC equipment at sites like the Union Freshman Academy, including chillers, boilers, and rooftop units. Work also includes pavement repair or replacement, as well as the purchase of cleaning and grounds equipment. Funds are tagged for security cameras, safety upgrades, fencing, parking lots, roof systems, doors, windows, sidewalks, concrete, asphalt, millwork, flooring, painting, and other remodeling projects.

Jarman Elementary

HVAC System (Phase I): $1.5 million will be spent on Phase I of the project, which includes replacing the current HVAC system at Jarman with one that is more energy-efficient and flexible. The system will be replaced with one that allows temperatures to be adjusted as they change throughout the day, which is important in Oklahoma. At the same time, the ceiling will be replaced and lights upgraded to  LED lighting, which will save on utilities and maintenance costs. LED lighting is also dimmable, which gives teachers more flexibility in the classroom. The first phase will be completed in summer 2020, with the entire project finished in 2021.

•    Copiers: $240,000 to update copiers throughout the district. 
•    Textbooks, digital curriculum and other support: $950,000 will be used to purchase textbooks, digital curriculum, EL (English language) materials, special education and other academic supports. 
•    Elementary site allocations: Each school will receive a $20,000 site allocation and $10,000 media budget for additional capital improvements, equipment, operations, and tools for successful teaching and learning. 
•    District secondary site allocations: $30,000 per grade site allocation and $10,000 per grade media allocation. Union’s Alternative school will receive $10,000. 
•    Athletics allocation: $250,000 for uniforms and equipment.  
•    Fine Arts allocation: $250,000 for uniforms, equipment, and instruments. 
•    District software and subscriptions: $2 million.  
•    Land/building purchase: $500,000 set aside for building or land needs.


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