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Alternative Teacher of the Year


Alternative School – Angel Bull, science

Science teacher Angel Bull is definitely an angel at Union Alternative School, where her colleagues named her their 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year.

Maybe it’s because she gets the kids. She understands them,

“My favorite classroom activities are hands-on labs,” Bull said. “Even though I work with teenagers, they still learn best when they are playing. Even if they are doing something as simple as making slime from borax to simulate the flesh of a squid or octopus, they are always engaged. Whether the engagement is with me, the activity, or each other, they always discover something more when the lessons are brought to life.”

Bull said, “I started teaching in 2015. My first year was at the Union 8th Grade Center. After that, I moved to Alternative Education and have been here ever since.”

She noted, “I continue to work as a teacher in Oklahoma because I’ve found my home at Union Alternative Education.”

Bull earned her associate’s degree in pre-education From Tulsa Community College in December 2012, and her bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis in biology from Northeastern State University in May 2015.

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