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Freshman Academy Curriculum


College/Career Readiness

Union Public Schools believes it is important that all students either attend and finish college and/or choose a career they find rewarding for the rest of their lives. To help students meet their aspirations, Union has restructured its secondary school administrative organization (grades 6 – 12). Pleae visit the College and Career section for additional information.

Social and Physical Development

The Union High School Freshman Academy is concerned with the social and physical development of each individual.  Group interaction and utilization of community resources will further encourage each student’s social and physical maturity.

Administrators, counselors and teachers share a relationship of cooperation with a sharing of experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm in a professional atmosphere.

The teacher is to provide the structured environment and inspiration which are conducive to student growth.  He or she also shares in the efforts of the school to plan, structure and implement activities which contribute positively to various phases of moral, intellectual, social and physical growth.

Students will be learning new concepts and continuing the practice of basic skills; at the same time they will be involved in the process of learning how to learn.  Emphasis will be placed on communication and math-science skills. The students will also be given opportunities to explore new areas of knowledge and interests in all curricula.

All students will be encouraged to explore, to discover and to appreciate their world and their own ability to change or contribute to it. Academic content and the well-being of the child are of equal importance.

The school works in close cooperation with home, community and civic organizations to complement the activities of each for the complete development of the student.

Reading Proficiency

Any student that just completed the 9th or 10th grades needing the 8th grade reading proficiency and proof of enrollment form for their driver’s permit, transcripts, or other academic information, will now need to contact the Registrar’s office at the High School by calling 918-357-7204 or 918-357-7205, or going by the High School, 6636 S. Mingo Road. Please provide 24-hour notice for such requests.

Academic Expectations

The following common expectations will be used for every class.

  • Use MLA Heading. MLA (Modern Language Association) is a specific format used for documents. This format is used by most colleges/universities and high schools.
  • Write complete sentences (no fragments or run-ons).
  • Re-state the question in the answer.
  • Develop proper paragraph structure.
  • Use Standard English, correct grammar and correct punctuation.


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