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Student Achievements


Union Public Schools is proud of the accomplishments of its student body! A tradition of excellence carries through all areas of school life, including academics, fine arts, spirit, athletics, leadership, and community service.

Whether in the classroom or community, on the playing field or in the concert hall, Union students shine in their pursuits, displaying not only talent but the benefits of discipline, team work, effort and commitment. Please visit our athletics and fine arts sections for achievements and recognitions in athletics, spirit and fine arts.

Academic Scholars

Academic Scholars - Vals-Sals Listing

The Academic Scholars Program, established by the state Legislature and governor in 1988 and operated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, provides scholarships to academically outstanding students who attend an Oklahoma college or university.

Academic Scholars receive a scholarship to help cover the cost of room, board, tuition, books and incidental fees for up to eight semesters. The actual value of the scholarship varies based on the institution the scholar chooses to attend. For more information, visit the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education website.

The local school district and the State Board of Education shall recognize as an Oklahoma Academic Scholar any graduating senior who meets the requirements in state law (since 1986).

  • Accumulate over Grades 9, 10, 11, and the first semester of Grade 12, a minimum grade point average of 3.7 on a four-point scale or be in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.
  • Complete (or will complete) state and local requirements for a standard diploma
  • Achieve a composite score of 27 on the ACT or 1220 combined score on the SAT I. The ACT or SAT I must have been taken on a national test date before the date of graduation.

National Merit Scholars

National Merit Scholars Listing 

Each year the district has an impressive number of National Merit Scholars. Union's graduating classes consistently receive millions of dollars in scholarship offers to colleges and universities throughout the country.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) is a not-for-profit organization that conducts the National Merit Scholar academic competition for recognition and undergraduate scholarships.

National Merit Semifinalists are selected in September based on their performance on the PSAT/NMSQT--a test that measures verbal, math and writing skills. National Merit Finalists are announced in February, based upon students who meet additional academic requirements. Merit Scholars are selected from the group of Finalists, based on their abilities, skills and accomplishments.

Merit scholarship awards include National Merit $2500 Scholarships and corporate - and college-sponsored scholarships.

To participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program, a student must:

  • be enrolled full time as a high school student, progressing normally toward graduation or completion of high school, and planning to enter college no later than the fall following completion of high school;

  • be a citizen of the United States or, if not now a citizen, a permanent U.S. resident (or an applicant for permanent residency) in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen; and

  • take the PSAT/NMSQT ® in the specified year of the high school program and no later than the third year in grades 9 through 12, regardless of grade classification or educational pattern.

Community Service and Distinguished Graduates

Volunteer hours for Community Service/Distinguished Graduate awards, as well as National Honor Society and Key Club are recorded, verified, approved, and tracked through an online platform called MobileServe. All students grades 9-12 have MobileServe accounts created for them using their school email. Students are able to access their accounts at or by downloading the MobileServe app. For more information on how to set up and use MobileServe, check out the College/Career Center page in Canvas  and/or download the “Getting Started Guide.”

Students meeting the minimum community service requirement for this honor will be notified by the College and Career Center in the spring of their senior year and given the Distinguished Graduate form to be completed and returned with an unofficial seven semester transcript.

Community Service Recognition

List of Community Service Recognition honorees

  1. Students must complete 200 service hours in grades 9-12 by the end of first semester of their 12th grade year.
    A. It is suggested that 50 hours be recorded by the end of the Freshman year.
    B. A minimum of 40 must be performed through a Union club, team, class project, or through the College and Career Center.  It is suggested that 10 hours be performed each year.
    C. If a student enters Union as a Sophomore, he/she will be required to complete 150 total hours.
  2. Hours may be earned during the summer beginning before the freshman year.
  3. The verification form must be turned in to the office no later than ONE MONTH after the service is  performed. SUMMER HOURS MUST BE RECORDED BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. If the same service is done on a weekly or monthly basis, one evaluation form may be used for every 8 occurrences but has to be turned in at the end of a NINE-WEEK grading period.
  4. Only actual hours of service may be record—NOT travel time, required meetings and miscellaneous time.  Students are limited to 6 hours per day.
  5. Service performed as a disciplinary action CANNOT be counted.
  6. Service hours performed for family, including extended family, CANNOT be counted.
  7. Parents CANNOT sign as the supervising adult.
  8. Service must be performed through a tax-exempt or recognizable charitable agency.  Pre-approval for any other sites must be obtained.

Distinguished Graduates 

List of recent Distinguished Graduates

To recognize outstanding academic achievement and service to school and community, Union Public Schools has a “Distinguished Graduate” program for high school students. Students meeting the minimum community service requirement for this honor will be notified by the College and Career Center in the spring of their senior year and will need to submit the Distinguished Graduate Completion Form along with an unofficial seven semester transcript.

General Requirements:

  • No grade lower than "C."
  • 4.0 GPA on a 6.0 scale.
  • Minimum of 12 units of Pre-AP, AP classes, Tulsa Technology engineering classes (limit two) or dual credit/concurrent.  Three classes must be AP.
  • 100 hours of school or community service

Course Requirements:

  • Math (4 credits including one credit of higher math--Pre-Calc Trig or AP Statistics)
  • English (4 credits)
  • Social Studies (4 credits)
  • Science (4 credits)
  • Foreign Language or Computer Science (2 credits)

Two credits are required from the areas listed below with no restrictions on the number of credits from any given area. For example, a student could take two credits from one area or could take one credit from two different areas.

The areas and/or courses are: Fine Arts, Athletics, Business, Computer Science, Leadership, Foreign Language (excluding the two (2) years required in Section E above) and other electives offered by Core Curriculum subjects not listed in sections A through E in the Course Requirements listed above.

Test Scores

Union students consistently score well in tests on the state and national level.
Results from the Oklahoma School Testing Program, ACT and SAT show that Union students perform well compared to state and national results. See Test Scores

Mr. and Miss Union

Mr. and Miss Union Honorees

One of the highest honors a senior may receive comes in February when Mr. and Miss Union are selected. This honor is bestowed on a boy and girl who have excelled in academics, community service and other aspects of student life.

In the selection process, all students are given the opportunity to nominate candidates from their own grade. The top-10 vote recipients are placed into the contest. These 40 students (10 girls and boys from each grade) are again placed on a ballot for a student vote. The 40 are also evaluated by their teachers based on school spirit demonstrated, positive leadership, character/integrity, contribution to class and scholarship. The final selection is determined by 20 percent grade point average, 30 percent teacher recommendation score and 50 percent student vote.

During the ceremony, the top nominees are feted as well as selected junior representatives. Previous year honorees often return to the school to speak on the importance of their honor and how Union has shaped his or her life.

Seniors of the Month

- List of Seniors of the Month

Seniors of the Month are selected through a nomination process conducted monthly with all faculty and staff being able to nominate students they know or have known well and feel are worthy for the honor.  One boy and one girl is honored each time. Selection is based on leadership, citizenship, scholarship and involvement.  At the end of April/beginning of May, the seniors vote on the nine boys and nine girls for Seniors of the Year.

Leadership Class

In addition to student council organizations across the District, including a special leadership program at the Freshman Academy, there is a Leadership Class at Union High School.

To be in leadership class, a student has to run for and be elected to a student council or class officer position. The purpose of this class is to train student leaders in the various aspects of student leadership and to provide regular class time for performance of tasks associated with the office to which each has been elected. Experiences will include representative student government and human relations with peer groups, faculty and administration. Course content will include basic techniques of leadership, goal setting, organizational skills, meetings, group effectiveness, communication, motivation, problem solving, decision making, public relations, and evaluation.                  

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