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TCC Concurrent Enrollment

College. Future. Now.
A New Concurrent Enrollment Program
...Earn College and High School Credits at the Same Time

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Our students now have another opportunity to distinguish themselves in school--- to get ahead by speeding up the time it will take them to complete college. They can now take excellent, academically challenging courses for college credit while still in the supportive high school environment where they can participate in regular school activities.  Not only do they earn college credit, but their college courses also count toward high school graduation requirements!

Tulsa Community College and Union High School have partnered to offer college level courses here at Union High School for dual credit.  Tulsa Community College instructors teach college freshman level classes here on the campus of Union High School.  These courses are offered at a highly reduced rate.  Qualifying seniors and juniors may enroll in these courses for only $36.75 and $88.35 per course, respectively.  Additional fees may apply.  Union provides the books for TCC courses at no cost to our students.  These reduced rates apply for up to 6 college hours (2 courses).  Students may enroll in more than two courses, but will be charged normal TCC tuition and fees in excess of 6 hours.  TCC classes on the campus of Union High School only meet twice a week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs).  TCC courses meet for one hour and twenty minutes.  To avoid potential scheduling conflicts with other high school classes, we encourage students to take 2 TCC courses at a time.  We are excited for our students to take part in this opportunity to earn high school credit toward graduation and college hours toward their degree simultaneously.    

The Requirements

Eligible students are those with a 2.5 or higher Grade Point Average and a
composite ACT score of 19 or greater, including a 19 in read-
ing.  Depending on the course selected, a 19 is usually required in the subject area, but for College Algebra a 20 ACT score in math is required. 

Attendance and eligibility are monitored as required by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA).

College-level course rigor requires disciplined study habits, research, independent study, and group work.
Grades placed on the transcript are used for Grade Point Average and class ranking calculations and are assigned a 4.0 weight on the Union weighted grading scale. College course grades are monitored and used for determining OSSAA eligibility on a weekly basis.  TCC professors are the teachers of record, and students are required to follow the procedures for reporting grades to the High School.

When the courses are offered

The TCC courses meet on our High School campus on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during the school day. Students also have access to free tutoring for Freshman Composition and College Algebra directed by a certified UHS teacher on Wednesdays and Fridays during the hour they have concurrent classes.

What students are saying

“It’s an easy way to get your basics done, especially if you have several more years of school to look forward to.”

“It’s nice because I only have class three days a week, so some days I get to sleep in;  some days I get to leave early.”

“There are freedoms that you have that aren’t there in just high school, but the  reality is that you’re in college too.  It’s a wonderful thing when students persist.”

“I think it’s a cheaper, easier way to get it done and get hours of college under your belt.  It’s an easier transition and really beneficial.”

“Classes fill up really fast for concurrent in the morning because it’s free and it’s a good deal, so everyone signs up as fast as they can.”

From a parent whose daughter is in two of the courses….“Not only is she thriving, she absolutely loves the professors, the content, and having Mondays and Friday’s off.  That is all she ever talks about.  It makes us relax a bit about sending her off to OU next fall.  She is so ready to go!”

How You Can Participate

If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please contact your High School counselor for more information. There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting courses, so speak with your guidance counselor about whether you plan to attend college in state or out of state, which state school you plan to attend, and whether you have taken and passed any AP exams.