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Student Organizations

See also Youth Sports Organizations

Union SchoolsUnion encourages students at each grade level to participate in organized activities whether they are school-sponsored such as Student Council or an organization like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Union believes students who participate in such activities lead more well-rounded lives and develop leadership and social skills that they can rely as they mature.

On the elementary level, students have many options from joining a chess club to their school choir. Some schools have academic teams, jump rope teams and even a runners’ club. In fact, several elementary schools involve their student body in running as they prepare for and participate in the annual Tulsa Run. It’s a lot of fun for students.

Union also welcomes the opportunity for students to participate in non-school sponsored organizations or events. These activities may include Boy Scout, Girl Scouts, church activities, Little League and more. Parents and students should check with their teachers or principals to learn what activities are open to students.

On the secondary level, students have access to even more school-sponsored activities. Union encourages all of its students to join a student club, athletics, spirit, drama, leadership, volunteering – well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Listing of Clubs, Sponsors & Mission Statements

Parent Volunteers and Chaperones

Parents are invited and encouraged to visit all High School activities. We also invite our parents to serve as helpers and chaperones. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Director of Student Life Marla Robinson, or the principal at your school.

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Union High School Student Council and Class Officers!

2016-2017 Student Council Officers


  • President:                 Faith Nichols
  • VP:                              Andreana Huynh
  • Spirit VP:                   Kamry Snyder
  • Publicist:                   Wade Witcher
  • Parliamentarian:    Braden Luton
  • Executive Board:    Olivia “Claire” Turner


  • Chaplain:                  Juliet Roy
  • Secretary:                 Paige Allen
  • Treasurer:                Katherine Himaya
  • Publicist:                   Brooke Posey
  • Service:                     Regan Hayworth
  • Executive Board:    Savannah Leavitt


  • Chaplain:                  Sydnie Cassody
  • Secretary:                 Gabe Kreulen
  • Historian:                  Mia Chong
  • Publicist:                   Haley Riggins
  • Service:                     Rowdy Farris


2016-2017 Class Officers


  • President:                 Troy Souvannasing
  • VP:                              Yamileth Hernandez
  • Treasurer:                Blake Broadhurst
  • Publicist:                   Kamryn Marth
  • Secretary:                 Emily Beach
  • Executive Board:    Isabella Beffer


  • President:                 Lauren Granger
  • VP:                              Madeline McTigue
  • Treasurer:                Hannah Tobben
  • Publicist:                   Nicole Merrill
  • Secretary:                 Mo Garcia
  • Executive Board:    Kelsey Thompson


  • President:                 Logan Vowels
  • VP:                              Katie Hair
  • Treasurer:                Brooklyn Bannister
  • Publicist:                   Kaylee Eddy
  • Secretary:                 Bella Harney

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