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Statistical data is compiled and maintained by a number of different departments at Union Public Schools. Union also compiles information for annual reports.

Annual Statistical Data

Student statistical data in this section is compiled and maintained by the Federal Programs department, under the direction of Senior Executive Director Jackie White. The data presented is based on enrollment figures as of October 1 of the most recent school year; the date is the deadline schools must report their final enrollment figures to the Oklahoma Department of Education. The data is important because it not only provides an indicator of statistics and various demographics which are used for planning purposes, but it is also the basis upon which the state determines funding for the school district.

Figures as of October 2017

Statistical Data



Chris Payne
Chief Communications Officer 

Jackie White
Senior Executive Director of Federal Programs

Jetsy Trosper
Student System Data Manager
Chrissy Crites
Student System Analyst


If you would like more information about statistics, please contact the Communications Office or the Federal Programs Office at 918-357-4321.