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Purchasing & Supply Management

The Purchasing and Supply Management Department is responsible for the procurement and distribution of quality goods and services necessary for maintaining an effective teaching and learning environment.

Union Public Schools strives to conduct all business transactions in a fair, ethical and equitable manner. All Union schools and departments are required to follow the school district’s purchasing policy, Purchasing Policy 3010.


The Purchasing and Supply Management Department  consisted of three employees at the Education Service Center and eight at the Warehouse and Distribution Center.  The department supported the functions of purchasing and supply management: sourcing, purchasing, contracting, materials management and distribution, receiving, records management, logistics, daily intra-district mail service, and disposal of surplus materials and equipment.

During 2016-2017, employees completed 305 warehouse work orders (surplus moves, events, graduation, etc.), made 771 custodial and instructional supply deliveries, more than 4,000 mail/money deliveries and pick-ups, and more than 700 cafeteria deliveries.

They purchased, received, and stocked more than 14,207 supplies and delivered 21,239 instructional and custodial supplies to the sites.  Interesting fact - delivered 21,204 nine-inch rolls of toilet paper (4,015 miles of toilet paper, 38,974 lbs.)

More than 39,500 lbs. of records were shredded and destroyed, and 263 surplus auctions resulted in revenue of $35,358.


David Young

David Young, CPPB
Director of Purchasing & Supply Management  / Biography

FAX 918-357-6188

Purchasing Office
Jo Hillman
Child Nutrition Food Procurement
Vivian Brown

Distribution Center & Warehouse
Brian Peck
Receiving Office

Procurement Instructional, Technology, Furniture, Office Supplies

Stacy Haynes