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Legislation Quick Links

This section is provided as a reference for state and federal legislative issues affecting education. If you have a question or concern, please contact the webmaster and your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

See also Parent Legislative Active Commitee under the Parents section.

Major Initiatives

Major initiatives that were enacted as a result of the 2015 Oklahoma Legislative Session included:

•    H.B. 1498: Defining the Phrase “Per Pupil Expenditure” – Cre- ates a law pertaining to schools and expenditures. The bill defines “per pupil expenditure” and provides the categories that shall be used and the conditions in which the expenditures apply.
•    H.B. 1963: Ad Valorem Tax Code – Modifies confidentiality provisions and prohibits increases in ad valorem taxes pursuant to certain final judgments in tax appeals. This bill also modifies payments of taxes in relation to appeals from certain orders regarding valuation of property.
•    S.B. 189: Oklahoma Performance Informed Budget and Trans- parency Act of 2015 – Provides policy and procedures on budget requests and oversight of State budget performance.
•    H.B. 1962: Ad Valorem Taxation – Amending the definition of all personal property to include certain tangible personal property to relate to Article X of the Oklahoma Constitution.