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UMAC Facilities

Union Multipurpose Activity Center
6836 S. Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 74133-3247

918-357-7480 / 918-357-7482

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

/ Wellness Center / U-Wear Spirit Store / Arena / Redskin Room / Meeting Rooms / Walking Track /

Facility Use Requests

To check on available dates and space please contact UMAC Management at 357-4322 or 357-7482

  • District Facilities Calendar - A listing of all scheduled activities/events by facility.
  • Facilities Use Application

    Facility Use Rate

    Use fee structure is based on established use rates and determined by the type of event and space required. Per day use fee for a full arena setup is a fixed rate plus any requested and required additional services. Add-on services include, but are not limited to staffing, stagehands, catering, turnover, housekeeping, equipment rental, etc. The UMAC retains rights to negotiate for a percentage of ticket sales in lieu of fixed use rate. The per day use fees for move-in days, rehearsal days, move-out days and scaled-down shows are negotiable.

    John Q. Hammons Arena

    The John Q. Hammons Arena at the UMAC seats 5,662 and features wide concourses, unobstructed sightlines, comfortable seating, upscale concessions, state-of-the-art video boards and entertainment options for a myriad of purposes.

    The John Q. Hammons Arena at the UMAC was named in honor of Hammons in 2003 for his donation to the Union Schools Education Foundation. It serves as a multipurpose center for students in the district as well as for tradeshows, tournaments, conferences and performances.

    Images of the UMAC's versatility

    Redskin Room

    The Redskin Room, with a maple hardwood floor, has 4,350 square feet of banquet space and can be divided into two separate rooms. It is ideal for small seminars, conferences, dances, weddings and banquets, it provides a classy setting that is both functional and versatile, capable of hosting multiple events at the same time

    It is the most popular room in the UMAC because of its fantastic panoramic view of Union Tuttle Stadium and Union High School. The view is so awe-inspiring Redskin fans are eager to view a football game from this room. The perspective is both overwhelming and intimate, giving fans a unique setting few public schools can offer.

    • 4,350 square feet
    • Can be used as one space or divided into two separate rooms
    • 20’ ceiling
    • Hardwood floors
    • Black velour curtained walls
    • 8’ wall-to-wall mirrors behind curtains allowing room to convert into dance studio
    • Banquet seating for 230 people, or
    • Casual setting complete with rounds, café tables, sofas and side chairs
    • Patio with outdoor seating
    • 2 separate sound systems


    Square Feet
    Banquet Style
    Theater Style
    Lounge Style (Seated)
    Lounge Style (Reception)
    Room A-B
    Room A
    Room B

    Redskin Room Diagrams

    Redskin Room Banquet Seating

    Union Schools - Oklahoma

    Lounge Setting

    Union Schools - Oklahoma

    Images of the Redskin Room's versatility

    Redskin Room Photo

    Banquet Set Up

    Lounge Setting Image 1    Image 2

    Meeting Rooms

    Perfect for breakout sessions, company retreats or small seminars, the UMAC features three room for such uses. Each room has a beautiful view of Union Tuttle Stadium and is close to the Redskin Room.

    1,800 square feet that can be divided into three separate rooms

    Each meeting room contains:

    • Private entrance
    • Modular tables with modesty panels
    • Dry erase board
    • Pull-down screen


    Square Feet
    Banquet Style
    Theater Style
    Classroom Style
    Meeting Room I
    Meeting Room II
    Meeting Room III
    Meeting Rooms I-III

    This diagram shows all three classrooms open for use.

    Union Schools - Oklahoma

    Walking Track

    The walking track is currently open during the times the Wellness & Medicine Center is open.

    However, during certain events at the UMAC, the walking track will be closed to accomodate other needs such as major sporting events or special concerts. If you have questions about the availability of the walking track, you may contact the UMAC Management Office at 918-357-4322 or 918-357-7482.

    Union School Board Policy for Use of School Facilities

    The Board recognizes that the primary function of the district is to provide every student with a high quality and comprehensive educational offering. For this reason, buildings are constructed and facilities provided. The district, therefore, has a prior claim to the use of school facilities. However, the Board is interested in accommodating community and other organizations which seek to use facilities owned and operated by the district. The following Board policy states the requirements established by the Board for such use. In the event of a conflict between any provision of this policy with federal or state laws, the federal or state laws shall prevail.

    For information on these areas, please see the Board Policy Page: