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-- 2015 Spring Classes - For participating school sites, dates and other information please contact Kim Jennings at 918-357-6029

Welcome to the Union Public Schools Community Classes web section!  This section is designed to provide residents and non-residents a list of our community classes. The Union Community Education program is designed to provide opportunities for students, parents and patrons to become involved in our schools by participating in lifelong learning. 

Hobbies, arts and crafts, martial arts, fitness, dancing, or other interests - you will find it here in Community Education! The variety of classes is a result of community input.  Do you have a class idea or information?  Would you like to teach a class? Do you know someone who would like to teach a class?  We need your input!  Call  918-357-6029.

For Teachers: The links below will be helpful if you are interested in teaching a community education class. Classes are scheduled in fall, winter, spring and summer. Classes may be offered after school and/or evenings. 

Class Proposal Forms:  Certified / Non-Certified / Independent Contractor /