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Fine Arts

Union Drama Booster Club
President:  Dana Garcia   twobusy2001@aol.com
Treasurers:  Kelli Farney and Kaysie Steele
VP for REP:  Deanna and Frank Dean
VP for TOP: Chantal Pixley
Secretaries:  Ricinda Spatz and Darla Tipps
Advisor:  Karen Reinking

Please come and see how you can support the Union Drama Department!

Note: Information below subject to change. Learn about season tickets and senior citizen passes.

Union High School
2014- 2015 Repertory Theater To Be Announced

Troy Powell will direct the High School shows. Teacher web page

Union Intermediate High School
2014- 2015 Theater Schedule To Be Announced

Note: Theatre of Professionals (TOP) is also a 9th-12th grade class even though students perform at the 9th Grade Center.

Elementary, Ms. Holmes

  • Elementary, Ms. Holmes: Part 1 by Cody Daigle- Oct 27-Nov 1
  • Elementary, Ms. Holmes: Part 2 by Cody Daigle- April 13-18
  • Show at 7 tickets, $5, 9th Grade Center
  • A two-part original adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, set in Minnesota with a female Sherlock. Don't miss it.

9th Grade Drama 2:

Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre
7 p.m., March 2-4
Tickets reserved in advance. $10
Jessica Branston, Theatre Teacher, 918-357-7624