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Union Drama Booster Club
Union Drama Booster Club  (uniontheatresecretary@gmail.com)

Officers 2014-2015
President:  Dana Garcia  twobusy2001@aol.com                           
VP REP: Frank & Deanna Dean    crtr@statefarm.com 
VP TOP: Emily O’Shaughnessy eoshaughnessy@valornet.com  
Karen Lesikar   klesikar@mazzios.com 
Treasurer:  Kaysie Steele  kaysiesteele@gmail.com 
Holly Loyd    theloyds5@sbcglobal.net 
Secretary:   Ricinda Spatz spatztastic@gmail.com  
Darla Tipps   tipps2@msn.com  

Please come and see how you can support the Union Drama Department!

Note: Information below subject to change. Learn about season tickets and senior citizen passes.

Union High School Drama Dates

One Act STATE Competition 
Oct 3-4 UNION PAC  7 a.m. – 8 p.m.  COST: Free
8 Schools from across the state will be competing against each other and themselves to win individual awards as well as team trophies.  This competition is an OSSAA sanctioned event and will invite 20-30 colleges in the area to participate and hand out information to our student actors.  

One Act Performance of Peter and the Star Catcher
 Oct 8-11 Union PAC 7 p.m.  COST: 5.00
Peter and the Starcatchers, written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, is the prequel to the Peter Pan story. It is the story of Peter and his friends and their magical adventure that takes Peter from a mundane orphan boy from England to an immortal flying boy on the magical island of Never Land.

Musical Performance of Addams Family
 Feb 4-7 Union PAC 7 pm COST (5,8,13)
It’s a dismal day at the Addams family’s manse, with the ever-approaching storm clouds reflecting the gloomy atmosphere that has beset the household. Daughter Wednesday, now eighteen years old, has found herself experiencing a surprising new sensation, one that frightens both her and her family: she has fallen in love. Lucas Beineke, the object of her affections, comes from a seemingly normal family, and he and his parents Mal and Alice are on their way to the Addams’ estate to become better acquainted with the family over dinner. Brother Pugsley, who has been largely ignored since Wednesday’s involvement with Lucas, begins to miss the attention his sister previously paid to him and pleads with her to torture him once more. Meanwhile, mother Morticia finds herself conflicted over her ever-maturing daughter’s newfound feelings, while oblivious father Gomez simply wishes things would remain the way they were. As they learn to relate to the Beinekes and cope with Wednesday’s romance, one thing is certain: the Addams family will never be the same.

Tulsa City Smashers Film Fest
 March 6    7 pm Union PAC Cost: 5.00
Union plays host to a international film fest accepting films from literally all over the world.  The night is split into two categories: Professional/ amateur films and competition films.  In the professional/ amateur films area we will accept films from students along with professional works.  In the second half we have a film makers challenge.  Write produce, edit, score films in a one week period and bring them to competition. 

REP Spring Show Performance of CLUE
April 20-25 7 pm Union Studio Theater Cost :5.00
The 1987 film has been adapted to a full length show featuring 6 guests, a butler, and a maid, who are all involved in the murders of 6 people. The guests all meet at Hill House, where you learn that Professor Plum works in D.C., where everyone else lives. Colonel Mustard is a client of Miss Scarlet, who is the ex-employer of Yvette, the maid, who had an affair with the husband of Mrs. White, etc. When Mr. Boddy, who is blackmailing each guest, gives the guests each a weapon, he tells them they should kill Wadsworth, the butler, to avoid being exposed. With Mrs. Peacock's craziness, and Mr. Green's clumsiness, the whole group finds themselves tangled in a web of murder, lies, and hilarity.

24 hr. Play Festival-
May 8-9 Union Studio Theater (performance at 7:00pm)
Actors around the state are challenged with taking an opening line, a closing line, and a prop and creating a 10 minute play.  They are expected to create the entire show with lights, costumes and sets in 24 hours.  This proves to be a very exhausting but amazing event.

Listing of events

Back to School Kick Off- July 1-Aug 19
Bonding Trip- September 13
One Act Rehearsal- Aug 20-Oct 2
One Act Work day- Sept 27
One Act STATE Comp- Oct 3-4
One Act Performance- Oct 6-11

Musical Meeting- Oct 13

Musical Rehearsal- Nov 3-Feb 3
Musical Tech Rehearsal- Jan 23-24
Musical Work Day-Jan 31
Musical Cast Party-Feb 6
Musical Performance- Feb 4-7
Dinner Theater Rehearsal- Feb 10, 11, 17, 18
Dinner Theater Work Day- Feb 21
Dinner Theater Performance- Feb 23-26
Film Fest- March 6
REP Spring Show Rehearsal- March 2-April 17
REP Spring Show Work Day- April 18
REP Spring Show Performance- April 20-25

24 hr. Play Festival- May 8-9
Corn Award- May 4
REP Auditions- May 5-8
Improv Camp- June 22-25
Improv Camp Performance- June 26
Improv Camp- July 27-30
Improv Camp Performance- July 31

Troy Powell will direct the High School shows. Teacher web page

Union Intermediate High School
Note: Theatre of Professionals (TOP) is also a 9th-12th grade class even though students perform at the 9th Grade Center.

Elementary, Ms. Holmes

  • Elementary, Ms. Holmes: Part 1 by Cody Daigle- Oct 27-Nov 1
  • Elementary, Ms. Holmes: Part 2 by Cody Daigle- April 13-18
  • Show at 7 tickets, $5, 9th Grade Center
  • A two-part original adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, set in Minnesota with a female Sherlock. Don't miss it.

9th Grade Drama 2:

Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre
7 p.m., March 2-4
Tickets reserved in advance. $10
Jessica Branston, Theatre Teacher, 918-357-7624