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Rosa Parks Staff

Teacher home pages - if listed - are maintained by the individual teacher, including planning time, syllabus and daily schedule. If you have a question, please contact the teacher or principal at that school.

Dein-René Amazan
Jeannie Betsworth
Alison Birnie
Mitzi Booth
Danielle Brinlee
Ashley Brown
Yvonne Carreno
Lisa Carroll
Katelyn Cealka
Lisa Chamberlin
Becky Chapman
Aracely Chavez
Laurie Chilcoat
Leah Clark
Eva Collins
Jamie Copenhaver
Ray Danzy
Kirsten Dean
Caroline Debenedetti
Erin Duff
Jackie DuPont
Linda Forshey
Bailey Gray
Brittany Hamilton
Megan Haralson
Jamie Harris
Jeremiah Herbert
Maria Herrera
Tonya Hudson
Anna Hug
Hayoung Jang
Ranae Lane
Laura Latta
Heather Laughlin
Celeste Lee
Elizabeth Lockmuller
Shaleah Marshall
Leah McCullough
Kathryn McElhaney
Melanie Meador
Andrea Orr
Cynthia Parmenter
Grace Randolph
Rhonda Ratcliff
Cathy Richardson
Kim Roark
Le Roberts
Kristen Robinson
Heather Ross
Maria Sandoval
Suzanne Schneider
Amy Schwier
Abby Simpson
Gina Smith
Stephanie Solnok
Michelle Stavros
Janelle Strozier
Ye Vang
Ashley VonderHaar
Emily Wade
Mrs. Webb
Aline Wollmann
Shannon Wright